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This is a short story about a boy who found himself in a very strange but beautiful land. By Faisal Fransu

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013




My name is Shalom and I’m 19 years old. I like to have fun. However, I don’t have any true friends. I’ve been looking for a young lady that will love me, but I have not found one so far. Of course, having no true friends is very depressing. And that’s exactly how I felt. There was no joy in my life. Everything was sad and gloomy.
Well one day, and to my surprise, I found myself walking in a very beautiful garden. I was no longer in my country, but I was in a place called Morningland, because it was always morning there. I don’t know how I’d gotten there, but it was certainly a miracle.
The country where I had found myself walking in was very small. In fact, it was composed of just a garden and a river. The garden was so attractive that it made you feel that you were in Heaven. The air was sweet and refreshing.
Hundreds of brilliant trees surrounded that heavenly garden. Each tree was covered with a certain kind of fruit.
There were hundreds of birds flying in the sky. They sounded very cheerful.
Everything was so stunning that I thought I was in Heaven. What I have described for you is only one percent of the beauty of that place!
Then, a very sweet girl appeared out of nowhere. Light came from her angelic eyes that dazzled my eyes. She was wearing such beautiful clothes that kings would do whatever they can to get them. And when she spoke, her voice sounded angelic and musical.
“Hello,” Shalom,” She began. When I shook her soft hands, I felt so unimportant that I almost cried.
“Don’t cry, dear,” she comforted me. “You were very depressed in your world because you had no true friends. When I saw your grief, I decided to bring you here to my kingdom to live with me forever. I am the Fairy Beauty. I’m the only person who lives in this land. But now, we’ll live together forever!”
Then we walked together. She put her arm around me and we had what I called ‘heavenly’ time. Her perfume was very strong but sweet. The smell of it was everywhere.
Arriving at the river, she said to me, “Wash yourself in this pure river. You may even drink from its water, because they’re always pure. So we both washed ourselves in different corners of the river so we won’t see one another.
When I came out of the river, I felt like I was a new person. I felt that even my heart had been washed from all the grief that I had experienced back in my world. Everything was perfect and joyful.
So she joined me and we continued walking in the pretty garden. I couldn’t believe that I was walking with the prettiest girl in the whole world!
“Now there’ll be nothing to depress you,” she smiled. “I love you, dear.”
We came to a grape tree and the fairy chopped a little branch from it. Then, with her magic, she produced a large bowl and filled it with grapes. So we ate grapes together. Those were the best grapes that I had ever tasted.
She made me taste other kinds of fruits which tasted like nothing that I had ever eaten before. I don’t think that these precious fruits exist in our world.
After that, we walked again until we came to a place where there was a table and chairs spread around it. The Fairy Beauty told me to sit on one of the chairs and she sat on my right. Taking out her wand, she produced two very big cups of coffee. Then she produced an enormous plate of bread.
She said, “Take a bite from the bread and before you swallow it, take a sip from your coffee.”
When I did, I couldn’t believe what I was eating. The bread was so good that I believe a loaf of it would cost hundreds of dollars in our world. It tasted like many things including bacon and almonds. The coffee was also very tasty. I believe that this type of coffee would be very expensive. I felt like I was eating heavenly food!
When we were done eating, the plate and the cups suddenly disappeared.
“Let’s enjoy ourselves now,” the sweet girl told me. So we got up and started walking in the heavenly garden. She put her arm around me again. There was nothing bad to be seen in that place. Everything was perfect and enjoyable.
“So is it always morning here?” I asked after a little while.
“All the time, dear,” she replied and then kissed me for the first time. I felt a force of happiness rushing through me.
Then the fairy began to sing. And oh, it’s impossible to describe to you what her voice sounded like. It was as if hundreds of angels were singing together. It was full of sweetness.
But then something really amazing happened. Hundreds of birds flew toward us and sang with the Fairy Beauty. The birds sounded like a choir of heavenly angels. They had no musical instruments, but their music didn’t need instruments.
But then I made a very terrible mistake. I opened my eyes! Suddenly, I realized that the whole thing was just a dream!
The end.

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