The Bewitching Habit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
Here's an allegorical story.

Submitted: February 04, 2015

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Submitted: February 04, 2015



The Bewitching Habit

By Faisal Fransu



Johnny was a kind and smart student who attended Learninghouse high school. He was very kind to everyone. He never hurt anybody’s feelings. In short, he had all the characteristics of a good student. His only fault with him was that he used profanity a lot in his speech. However, he did not see himself doing anything wrong, since profanity is as common as saying hello in today’s society. Almost every second word that he said was a cuss or swear word.

His parents often tried to discuss this issue with him, but their efforts were useless.

“But that’s how most people talk these days,” he would often argue.

“My son, just because everybody uses profanity doesn’t mean you should also,” his mother would reply. “Today’s society does many things that are ungodly. Look at the TV, and see how much porn there is, for example.”

One day, when Johnny was all alone in the house, there came a gentle knock on the door. Not knowing what else to do, he decided to see who it was. So he opened the door, and there stood an old man leaning on his walking stick. He had a long beard, such as Middle Eastern men have. Johnny’s first impression of the stranger was that he was a beggar.

“Ahem!” the stranger cleared his throat. “Can I speak to you for a few moments?”

Johnny felt that he could not resist the stranger. He was spellbound. So they both walked into the living room.

“Ahem! Perhaps you wish to know who I am and why I’m here. However, it’s not important who I am. In fact, my name is not as important as my mission. But why am I here? Well, I have heard that every second word that you say is either a swear or cussing word. Therefore, you shall be rewarded for this. From now on, every word that you say will be a profane word, since you love this language so much. Goodbye and have fun swearing and cussing!” And with that, the stranger departed.

That was Johnny’s weirdest experience. At first, he believed that the whole thing was simply a delusion. But when he tried to open his mouth to say something, he had a superstitious fear that the stranger’s prediction was true.

When his parents came home later that evening, his dad asked, “Did anything happen in our absence?”

Johnny tried to tell them about the mysterious stranger, but the only thing that came out was a volley of profanity.

“It breaks our heart to see you continue using this language,” responded his mother with a sigh.

But from that moment, Johnny realized that he had no power to say anything he wanted, except profane words. His mouth was bewitched! What would his friends say if they knew? How would his parents feel if they knew the truth? His dad would probably say that he was being punished by God. And how would he be able to talk to his girlfriend?

So Johnny went to his room and took out a piece of paper and wrote what had happened to him. Next, he gave it to his mother to read it.

But to his amazement, she covered her face with her hands and said, “My son, I wasn’t expecting you to write to me in this language.”

So he took the paper from her hand and examined it. Horror of horrors! The text on the paper was changed! Instead of what he had written, there now appeared a torrent of swearing and cussing words! So even his writing was cursed! His cup was in deed full to overflowing.

He finally began to realize the seriousness of his bad habit. It took control of him! That’s what happens when you let a bad habit to influence your everyday life. ? It will eventually take control of you!

Johnny was somewhat reluctant to go to school the next day, knowing that he would be bullied by his friends, who weren’t any better than he was. Nevertheless, having no excuse to offer for being absent, he went.

The first person to meet him in the hallways was his girlfriend, who rushed to embrace him as usual. He returned the warm embrace without saying a word.

“What’s the matter, love?” she asked, concerned.

Of course he could not open his mouth to reply. So he tried another way. He took out his phone and texted her: “My mouth is bewitched.”

But when she had read the message, she gave him an angry look and stormed away. So Johnny realized that the words that he had texted her were changed to profane ones. This meant that he could not do any school work, because everything he wrote would be changed to cussing and swearing.

Johnny was very depressed. He could not talk nor write to anyone. His punishment was heavier than he could bear. So he went home to lament his misfortune.

He went directly to his room and shut himself in. Then he sat in his bed and stayed miserable. He began to realize how sinful he was. He used to think that profanity wasn’t that evil. There were worse things than just cussing and swearing. Plus, he didn’t care about the Bible and God. He was free to do as he pleased. But now that his mouth was bewitched to say only profane things, he hated it with all his heart. If only he could get rid of it!

There was a knock on the door which startled him. He was all alone in the house, because his parents were out even before he had returned from school.

So Johnny left his room and went to see who it was. And when the door was opened, there stood a middle-aged man who looked sympathetic. He was completely different from the mysterious person who had visited Johnny the day before. This man had no beard and was very handsome.

“May I speak with you for a few moments?” he spoke.

Johnny could not reply. So he nodded. So the stranger was ushered into the house.

“Why don’t you speak?” the stranger asked. “Don’t you like the bewitchment? Weren’t you very fond of swearing and cussing? So why aren’t you using it anymore? But do you want me to tell you the truth?”

Johnny nodded. So the stranger continued, “Do you know who came to your house and bewitched your mouth yesterday? You will not believe it now, but it was Satan himself!”

Johnny thought to himself, “Yeah right.”

“But do you want to be saved from this curse?” said the stranger, his tone becoming more sympathetic.

Johnny gave him a pleading look as if to say, “Please save me!”

So the stranger took a very small bottle from his hand, and handing it over to Johnny, he said, “Drink this. It will purify your tongue.”

To be sure, Johnny lost no time in draining the whole bottle. But by the time he was done drinking, the stranger was no longer there…

And Johnny’s first words were, “Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!”

Then he knelt on the floor and consecrated his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He vowed that he would never say a bad word as long as he lived.

And then it hit him. If the man who had bewitched his mouth the previous day was the devil, it would be logical that the man who had saved him from this curse a few minutes ago was Jesus!

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