The Pursuer And The Pursued

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Submitted: September 02, 2015

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Submitted: September 02, 2015



~~The Pursuer And The Pursued
By Faisal Fransu

In life, we are constantly learning new things, doing new things and meeting new people. This is called experience. Some experiences are so influential that they bring big changes to our lives, while others are so insignificant that are quickly forgotten. For the sake of the argument, let us call each experience a story. I’m about to tell the most important story in my life.
I attended Learninghouse high school. There have been many stories written about this school. It is the place where most people have an interesting story to tell.
But first, let me introduce myself, because that is the proper thing to do at the beginning of any story, as they say. First of all, my name is Samson Springson, and I was seventeen years old when this story happened. At that time, I was as skinny as can be. Some people thought I was sick. But the truth was that I wasn’t a big eater.
So everybody was surprised when I announced that I would participate in a marathon that our high school would be hosting in a month. According to the rules of the game, there would be four pairs of participants. In each pair, there would be a pursuer and the pursued. If the pursuer catches the pursued before the end of the marathon, he or she would win a thousand dollars. However, if the pursued has not been captured by the end of the game, he or she would win instead.
To tell you the truth, I had no intention of participating in the game when I first heard about it, because I hated running. I enjoyed everything about my gym classes except the running part.
But as I was leaving the cafeteria one day, I saw a paper pinned to a wall in the foyer. It was divided into two columns and five rows. The left column had the names of the pursuers and the right one the names of the pursued. All the cells were filled except the left column of the fifth row. The right column read: “Alicia Swift.” If it hadn’t been for this name, I would’ve ignored the sheet. But as it happened, I put my name in the left column.
When my family and friends heard about it, they thought I was mad. One of them even went as far as to say, “Competing with Alicia Swift is the same as committing suicide. Man, she’s the fastest runner in the whole school!”
This was true. She had won many awards in running. And I was only a guy who couldn’t even walk for a half an hour without being exhausted. But I was determined to do this. Perhaps she was the fastest runner, but I was also the most determined person. So let’s see whether swiftness or determination wins.
At last, the dreaded day arrived. My dad drove me to the forest of Venus where the marathon would take place. Each pair ran on a separate day so the whole school could see every game. Alicia and I were the last to run. My mother and two sisters came along.
When I saw Alicia Swift, she smirked at me, as if to say, “O, the marathon will be over in less than thirty minutes, and you’ll be dead.”
And then I found myself running like never before. I had been forcing myself to eat more than normal for the last month. Consequently, I was in a better shape to run.
Alicia’s last name fitted her perfectly. She flew so swiftly that one moment she was ten steps in front of me, and the next moment she had disappeared.
O, I tripped and fell so many times. There were several bruises on my body. If I had decided to give up, Alicia would’ve been declared the winner. Doubtless that was what she was hoping I would do. But I was determined to win. I gnashed my teeth and roared like a lion, because I believe that anger gives you strength.
After an hour of running, the whistle for the break sounded. So we went back to where the others were sitting to have a snack. But I told them to fill me a plate with cake, granola bar, plus some fruits. I wanted to eat as much as I could in order to survive the last part of the battle.
And then we returned to the field to continue our battle. Thanks to the snack, some of my strength had returned to me. I couldn’t wait to put my arms around her and be declared the winner.
Every now and then she would give me a mocking smile to discourage me. But thanks to her mocks; they only made me even more determined to win.
After a while, however, I perceived that she was getting tired, because she would fly as far from me as possible, and then rest and wait for me to catch up with her. This went on for some time, until I began to notice that she looked less hopeful.
I was getting tired as well. O, how I longed to sit just anywhere, and have a glass of cold water! But no, I had to go on.
One of my favourite characters from history is Alexander the Great. As I ran, I thought of him, traveling in desolate lands, and fighting savage tribes until he achieved his goals of conquering a huge part of the known world. Many of his soldiers wanted to give up, but he didn’t let them, because he was determined to conquer!
And then a plan hit me. It was a bit risky, but I made up my mind to try it and end the game with it.
So I stopped walking and turned my back on Alicia. She might’ve thought that I was resting for a few seconds. So she also stopped walking. I heard her stop not far from where I was.
Next, I turned in her direction and started walking slowly. She did likewise. Then I increased my speed somewhat, which she also did.
I stopped again. But she kept walking slowly. I took several breaths to prepare myself for the last part of the game.
Lastly, I took a deep breath, and gathering all my determination in one place, I charged like a roaring lion. And before she knew what was happening, she found herself a prisoner in my arms. It was for this moment that I had decided to participate in this torturing marathon.
As soon as I heard the crowd cheering, I let her go free. It was done. The thousand dollars were mine! Or were they?
So we walked towards the cheering crowd, where I was congratulated by my family and friends. Mr. Fields, our school principal came forward and handed me a check for a thousand dollars.
When Alicia’s mother saw my haggard appearance, I heard her say to her daughter, “You’ve certainly killed him.”
“Well I didn’t ask him to participate in the marathon,” replied Alicia gloomily. “But people would go through anything for money’s sake.”
I went to my dad’s car, where I found what I had brought with me. It was a letter in an envelope. So I placed the check inside the envelope and sealed it. Next, I located one of Alicia’s friends and asked her to take the envelope to Alicia.
Here’s a copy of the letter:

“Dear Alicia,

I wrote this letter yesterday, and it was supposed to be given to you only if I win the game. So since I’ve won, I’m sending it to you.
To be honest with you, I didn’t participate in the marathon for the sake of the money. I participated to win your heart. I have always believed that winning a girl’s heart is a lot harder than becoming the emperor of the world. But I hope I’m wrong this time. So, along with my love, I also send you the check.

Yours forever,

Samson Springson”

Needless to say, as soon as found myself alone with Alicia in one of the hallways of Learninghouse high school, she rushed to me, and putting her arms around me, said, “Dear Samson, I hold you just like you held me when you captured me in the forest. It’s true that I was mad that I didn’t win, but the moment I found myself in your arms, my heart was conquered. So from now on, you’ll be my Alexander the Great!”

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