Two Families And Two Roads

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This is a Christian allegory. It was inspired by the Pilgrim's Progress. Please let me know what you think! Email me at:
By Faisal Fransu

Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012




Two Families And Two Roads

By Faisal Fransu



Mr. Godlyman, formerly known as Mr. Ungodlyman, was sitting in his bedroom, reading the newspaper. A cup of coffee was in front of him. There was no sugar in the coffee. However, the news that Mr. Godlyman was reading was bitterer than the coffee.

The article said that Sodom, the city where he lived, was going to be destroyed very soon. According to this report, a great king called “Holygod” was the founder of this city. King Holygod had built this city for his glory, but she rebelled against his rule. The Sodomites then started doing everything that the king hated. They even chose a new king for themselves, who was just as evil as they were.

The article also mentioned that because King Holygod is so merciful, he’s sending warnings to the Sodomites. He will save those who will repent. The safest place to run to is the kingdom of Heaven, where King Holygod lives.

After Mr. Godlyman had finished reading the newspaper article, he laid it aside and began to think very hard of what to do. The article had filled his heart with fear.

As they were eating their supper that night, his wife, Mrs. Godlywoman perceived that Mr. Godlyman did not look too happy. She said, “What troubles you, my dear husband?”

“Our city will be destroyed very soon,” he replied rather unhappily. “And I don’t know what to do. I want to save you from the wrath of King Holygod.”

“But King Holygod is very merciful,” commented Grace, his daughter.

“He is merciful,” her father assured her. “But he also punishes the wicked. So what do you think we should do?”

Faithful, his firstborn replied, “Doesn’t the newspaper say what we must do?”

“I think it does,” answered Mr. Godlyman.

When supper was over, Mr. Godlyman looked in the newspaper for something that would help him to travel to the Kingdom Of Heaven. At last, he found a page that read as follows:

“Flee from the wrath to come! The King of Heaven is waiting to meet you in his kingdom! Go to the Heavenly Embassy and get a free passport to Heaven. You will also get a map called ‘Grace.’ The bitter must come before the sweet.”

“What does the last sentence mean?” asked Faithful.

“I think it means that the journey will be a hard one,” replied his sister. “But we must travel to the kingdom of Heaven no matter what!”

The next morning, all four of them decided to go to the Heavenly Embassy, which was very close to where they lived. Arriving at the embassy, the visitors knocked on the gate. It was instantly opened by a young gentleman.

He said to them, “You will be interviewed before you will get your passports and maps. Each one of you will be interviewed in a separate room.”

Then he led them to four rooms. There was someone waiting in each room. The four visitors confessed their unfaithfulness to the King of kings and were immediately forgiven. Then each one of them received a map and a free passport. Their interviewers explained, “The map will lead you straight to the kingdom of Heaven. Even if you get lost, it will still direct you to the right place. When you get to the gate of Heaven, there will be a soldier who will ask you for your passport. As soon as he sees it, you will be admitted. Each one of you will have his own map and passport, because each person is responsible for his own life. Never be afraid of losing the map or the passport. You may lose everything that you have, but no one will be able to steal your map and passport.”

So the visitors returned home, rejoicing and praising the Lord for forgiving their sins and giving them help to get to Heaven. They began to prepare for the long journey that they were going to have.

The next day, Mr. Godlyman went to see his friend, Mr. Pharisee. He showed him the map that he had gotten from the embassy.

“I want to go to Heaven too,” stated Mr. Pharisee. “But the way of your map is a hard one.”

“The bitter must come before the sweet,” smiled Mr. Godlyman.

But Mr. Pharisee did not want to use the ‘Grace’ map, because the journey would not be a pleasant one. So he went to the high priest in the town and said, “Could you please give me a map that will lead me to Heaven?”

The priest gave him a map called ‘Good Works.’ Moreover, he added, “The road of this map is a wide one. You will get to Heaven even before your friend. The journey will be very easy.” He said this because Mr. Godlyman’s map pointed at a narrow road.

That afternoon, the two friends met again. Mr. Pharisee showed his friend the new map that the high priest had given him.

“The road to Heaven is rather a hard one,” replied Mr. Godlyman. “But your map tells you that it’s an easy one. So I’m afraid that your map may lead you to an everlasting destruction instead of an everlasting life.”

“Are you telling me that ‘Good Works’ will not lead me to Heaven?” said Mr. Pharisee indignantly.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” responded the other. “Prince Immanuel, the son of King Holygod, has paid the price. So we don’t need to do any kind of good works to get to Heaven. All you have to do is to believe in him, and you’ll get a free passport to Heaven!”

“I will show you that I will get to Heaven before you!” remarked Mr. Pharisee angrily, and he left.

When everything was ready, the four believers started on their pilgrimage to Heaven. They left their house and everything they owned, because they believed in the Heavenly riches rather than the earthly ones.

Around the same time, Mr. Pharisee and his wife, Mrs. Hypocrisy also went on pilgrimage to get to Heaven. They had a son named SinLover, and a daughter named WorldlyBeauty. But these two children did not go on pilgrimage with their parents because they weren’t religious.

Now when the family of Mr. Godlyman went to the embassy to get a free passport, they were also given a book called ‘The Book Of Life.’ They were told that this book contained guidance for every problem. It also contained words of comfort.

As they were walking, Grace said to her father, “Could you tell us a little bit about Heaven please?” I think that it will be profitable for our souls.”

Her father agreed and began: “According to the Book Of Life, Heaven is a country where sin does not exist. It’s the place where pain does not exist. Nothing bad exists in Heaven. Its ruler is King Holygod, who also reigns with his son, Prince Immanuel. The capital of Heaven is New Jerusalem.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Pharisee and his wife were enjoying their journey. When they had reached a place to rest, Mrs. Hypocrisy went to buy something to eat. So while she was gone, a person came and sat with Mr. Pharisee.

Then he asked, “Why are you alone?”

“I’m not alone,” replied Mr. Pharisee. “My wife is also with me. But she’s gone to get something to eat.”

“And why don’t you eat as well?” asked the man.

“Because I’m fasting,” responded Mr. Pharisee. I fast twice a week. And I give one tenth of my money to the Lord.”

“I perceive that you’re a religious man,” laughed the other man.

“Well my father was the one who had built the Church of Good Works,” Mr. Pharisee told him.

Moreover the stranger asked, “So where are you traveling to?”

“To Heaven,” was the reply.

“And do you think that your good works will lead you to Heaven?” he asked again.

“Well I’m not perfect,” said Mr. Pharisee. “But I’m much better than many religious people. I pray a hundred prayers each day, and I go to church every day. I have memorized the whole Bible and other sacred texts. Isn’t that enough to lead me to Heaven?”

But the conversation was interrupted by the return of Mrs. Hypocrisy.

Then Mr. Pharisee and his wife left that place. They came to a church. So Mr. Pharisee entered in to pray for a little while.

In his prayer, he said, “O God, I thank you, for I’m not like other people. As you can see, I fast twice a week, and I give you a tenth of my income.” And that was his prayer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Godlyman and his family had reached a place called ‘Prayer.’ It was a spacious building. All pilgrims who are going to Heaven must visit this building, because they can obtain a lot of helpful tools.

When the visitors had knocked on the door, a young maid opened it to them. So they followed her into the building.

Next, the master of the place came and greeted them. He said, “I need to have a little conversation with you concerning the pilgrimage.”

So they followed him to his room. Then he explained, “The journey to Heaven is very difficult. You can’t find the Heavenly city if you have not trusted in King Holygod and his son, Prince Immanuel. The prince has paid the full price so you could get to Heaven for free. Because your journey will be very hard, you will need some Heavenly tools to help you defeat every obstacle.”

Next, he took them to another room where there were many swords. Then he gave them four swords and explained, “Each person must have one of these swords. The name of this kind of sword is ‘The Word.’ It can defeat every evil power that is against you.”

From that room he took them to another area where there were all kinds of clothes. He told them, “These clothes are called ‘Faith.’ If you wear them, no evil power shall hurt you.”

Mr. Godlyman asked, “What’s the difference between the swords and these clothes? Can’t they both protect us from every evil?”

“Yes,” replied the master of the place. “But the sword is used to fight your enemies. But the clothes are very important because even if your enemies will cause you to fall, you won’t get hurt. So you need both of them.”

At last, the four pilgrims thanked the master of the place and departed. They took their swords with them. They were also wearing their ‘Faith’ clothes.

As they were walking, they were also talking. Mr. Godlyman was reading to them from the book they loved. The words of the book were like delicious food.

Then, the happy pilgrims reached a little village called ‘Persecution.’ When the people of the village saw them, they ran to them and arrested them. The four pilgrims were put in prison because of their loyalty to King Holygod.

Next, one of the guards who were standing at the door of the prison went to them and said, “Deny King Holygod and we’ll let you go in peace.”

But the four faithful pilgrims answered in one voice, saying, “We will never deny our Lord, even if you cut us to pieces!”

The guard was amazed at their courage. But he said, “You are courageous because you have never suffered. As soon as you start suffering, you will curse your Lord.”

But Faithful, Mr. Godlyman’s son replied, “Haven’t you heard the story of Job, how he blessed the Lord even while he was in sorrow?”

“We’ll see about that,” laughed the guard devilishly.

Then he brought more soldiers to the pilgrims. One of the soldiers said, “Who is ready to die for his master? Only one person must die.”

“I’m ready to die for my master who died for me!” replied Faithful.

“No I don’t want to lose my son!” cried both Mr. Godlyman and his wife. “My heart will break! Let me die in his place!”

“Only your son shall die,” laughed the soldiers devilishly. “We’re going to kill your son to break your heart. Then you will be very angry with your lord and will not love him anymore.”

So Faithful was murdered in front of his family. But he stayed faithful to his master to the end. His parents wept for him. Nevertheless, they did not forsake their Lord.

The soldiers were really disappointed and said, “We’ve killed him in vain! We thought that his parents would be angry with their god for not helping them, but we were wrong. They are still praising their god!”

When Grace woke up the next morning, she discovered that she was no longer in prison. She was in a desert. But her parents were not with her. So the little girl did not know what to do.

But she was very happy when she realized that she still had her helpful material with her.

As she was walking in the desert, Grace saw a tree containing all kinds of fruits. So she went to it and ate a great breakfast. There was also a pure river from which she drank and refreshed herself.

As she continued her journey, Grace saw someone coming toward her. When the person had reached her, she asked, “Who are you and where do you come from?”

“My name is Mr. WDD,” replied the man. “I’m from Sodom.”

“I lived in Sodom too,” Grace told him. “But now I’m on a pilgrimage to get to Heaven.”

“Why don’t you return with me to Sodom?” asked the man. “You won’t be able to get to Heaven, because Heaven is really far. Come with me and you’ll be the richest girl in the whole city. Why should you suffer a lot and in the end get to nowhere?”

Grace said, “I can’t return with you, because the city will be destroyed very soon.”

“Will you return with me or will you fight me?” the man asked.

“I will fight you,” replied Grace, taking out her sword.

Then they started fighting. The man threw her to the ground many times, but she did not get hurt.

When no one could win the battle, Grace cried in a loud voice, “I’m a conqueror through Christ who loved me!” Then she gave him a hard blow that he ran from her. So Grace won the battle.

After that, Grace continued on her pilgrimage to the New Jerusalem. She kept singing and praising the Lord.

After these things, the little girl saw a woman coming toward her. When they met, the woman said, “My name is Joy, because I have the love of God in my heart.”

So Grace and Joy walked together. Joy was also on pilgrimage to Heaven. Grace told her friend about her battle with Mr. WDD.

Joy replied, “O I know him. ‘WDD’ stands for ‘Worldly Desire and Doubt.’ He tried to let you desire to return to your old country. He also tried to put doubts in your heart concerning Heaven. But the Lord helped you to defeat him.”

At last, Grace and her friend Joy were almost at the Heavenly city. But there was a river in between them and New Jerusalem. They wondered how they could cross it.

Then, an angel came to them and said, “This river is called ‘River of Death.’ In order for you to get to Heaven, you must cross it. It’s very dangerous, but you will reach Heaven after you have crossed it. Take courage. Your parents have reached the New Jerusalem before you.”

At that moment, both Grace and Joy were filled with unspeakable joy. They sang and said, “Praise the Lord. We are now leaving the world of sin! Amen!”And they threw themselves into the river. At last, they came out on the other side. Next, one of the angels gave them crowns of life, and they entered the New Jerusalem. So the pilgrimage of the family of Mr. Godlyman was over.

Concerning Mr. Pharisee and his wife, Mrs. Hypocrisy. They helped many people in their journey. You could almost say that they were the best people in the whole world.

But one day, they were walking and chatting happily. They were getting near a bottomless hole, but they weren’t looking. Suddenly, both Mr. Pharisee and his wife fell into the deep hole. They kept falling for a long time. They were getting nearer and nearer to hell. At last, they plunged into the fire.

At that moment, all the demons began to laugh. They said, “Welcome to hell! You tried to get to God by your own works, but you ended up here! Your friend, Mr. Godlyman and his family are in Heaven while you are burning here!”

So reader, what do you think about this pilgrimage? Do you want to get to Heaven by doing good works? The Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:8-9 that salvation is by grace through faith. Salvation is a free gift from God to us. All you have to do is receive it. Open your heart to the Lord Jesus and your name will be written in the Book of Life.

And that is the end of our pilgrimage.


© Copyright 2017 199429. All rights reserved.

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