Dream on (Love story)

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A young girl named Floor lives on the street all alone with only having a doll from her brother she doesnt know, she got the doll from her parents before they died in a car crash. The only thing she wants is to find her brother and live a happy life with him and maybe someone else?

hope you like it. xoxo

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Hi, Let me introduce me to you.

I am Floor I am 13 and to be honest, I live on the street. I play the guitar and sing to get some money. I always have a doll with me, All I wanna do is to find my brother. My parents died in a car crash but I dont like to talk about it. My favourite colors are Purple and Green. I ''live'' in London. And I guess this is all you need to know about me. And btw.I have no friends unfortunately :(.

Chapter 1

I wake up to feel that my neck hurts like crazy. I sit up straight and realise that its another day and that I need to get money..again. I take my guitar and start playing a song I used to love when I lived with my parents in a huge house before they died..A tear streams down my face when I think about it. I quickly put it away cause I dont want people to think I am alone..or sad or whatever they think when they see girls living on the street cry. So I take my guitar and start playing: Imagine. I know the song really well so I can sing along with it. I didnt realise 5 boys standing in front of me. They all clap when I am finished. I thank them when I see 1 of them handing me 20 dollars. I am shocked. ''I cant take this.'' I say. ''We want you to take it.'' He says. So I decide to take it from him and I put it in my bag. I see that 1 of the boys is staring at me. ''Is everything alright? What are you looking at?'' ''I have seen you before.'' He says. I look at him from top to toe. He has curly brown hair and green eyes. He is really handsome. ''I have seen you before to.'' I say and than I realise the doll in my bag, I take it out and show it to him. He is obviously shocked. ''That doll used to be mine when I was little,well until I walked away. I left it in the house and my parents..'' ''Died in a car crash?'' I say. ''Yes.'' He says. I look at him again. ''Are you Harry..Styles?'' ''And are you Floor..Styles?'' I smile at him. I jump up and give him a big hug. ''Awww.'' I hear someone say and I turn around. ''Introduce me to your friends please?'' ''Well thats Niall.'' He says pointing at the blond one. ''And thats Zayn.'' He points at another guy with black hair. ''That are Louis and Liam.'' He points at the 2 guys who were left. They both wave at me and I give them a smile. ''Nice to meet you guys.'' I say. ''Do you wanna live with us?'' Harry asks. I immediately pack up everything I have, which isnt a lot and went to them.''I guess its a yes.'' Niall says. I nodded and we went to a car. Harry and Niall sit next to me, Liam sits next to Niall and Zayn sits next to Louis who drives. My life is going to change for forever.

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