I always was alone..till you came in

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A girl, always arguments..always feeling alone..till a boy walks in.

hope you like it xxxxx

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



I just sat in my room when my mom came in. KAYLEIGH!!! she yelled..I turned around and looked at her, she was gonna hit me again, I saw it in her eyes. Yes mom. I know to say. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO STUPID?! YOU ONLY GOT A 8 FOR YOUR MATHS TEST! I was scared..like always, but I had to say something, this wasnt fair. But mom..I did my best and an 8 isnt that bad, right? OMG, HOW DO YOU EVEN DARE TO SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY?! And than she hit me and walked away. I took a mirror and looked at myself, my eye was black and it hurted a lot. I started to cry. Then I decided to go to sleep, I had a dream about me being happy and having a good life. It was amazing until I woke up. I realised I had to go to school. So I packed up my bags, went downstairs, skipped breakfast because I didnt wanna wake up my mom and get hit again. Walked out the door and picked up my friend Tori. Hey Kayleigh. She said. Hey Tori. I say when I see that she looks at my black eye. Your mom again? She said. I nodded. And she give me hopeful look. I smile sadly and than we walk to school.

At school its everyday the same. Me and Tori talk in front of the school till the bell rings. Than we have 3 lessons. A break and another 3 lessons. Than me and Tori meet in front of the school, I make homework at Tori's house and than I walk home alone.

Heey, how was school. Tori's mom asks. It was okay. I answer. Aww okay. She smiles at me sadly when she sees my black I. I nodded because I understood what she was looking at. Than some boy walked in. He was really handsome. Euhm..Hi..He says. Hi. I answer. I am Kayleigh, Tori's friend. Nice to meet you Kayleigh I am Jake Tori's nephew. I smile at him and I see he blushes. You seem really cool!. He says and than he gives me a paper. I read it and it says: wanna go out with me. I immediately nodded. And he has the biggest and most beautiful smile I have ever seen. The next time we meet at the cafe and since than I told him about my whole life. He called the police and my mom is in jail now. And I..I live with Jake,Tori and her mom. I am the happiest girl ever.

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