Broken Hearts Restored

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No matter how broken a heart can get, there is always a chance it can be restored.

Submitted: October 03, 2014

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Submitted: October 03, 2014



Broken Hearts Restored

A girl sat alone at her school desk, tears staining her eyes in a way that would usually beg a question to analyze her situation. Yet, no one’s vision gave her presence the luxury of a sense of importance. No one seemed to care for her at all. The scars that survived on her wrists remained captivated with the twisted sense of anger and sadness that encircled her entire soul. The happiness that she saw the other kids feel made the ambiance of the room more excruciating and deeply hurt her broken, barely beating heart. Yet, she was familiar with her current state, for her feelings were the closest things she had to friends. She was heading down a dark, dangerous road; following the lights that were ignited by her anger and sadness. In the dark, listless night, a full moon slightly illuminated the sky. The moon hung in the sky, holding its breath, for the thing that held that flickering light afloat was her greatest “friend,” abandonment.

A boy sat on his bed, listening to the unwanted argument that slowly crept into his room, luring the tears to fall from his eyes. His parents were at it again, yelling at each other in a fashion that made the love they once had for one another burn out and escape through the air in a cold, ineffectual vapor. At least they were giving each other attention, for they hadn’t paid any attention to him in weeks. The thought of suicide kept entering his mind every time he heard his unloved heart beat. He looked around his room and saw the cheap, pathetic trinkets his parents kept buying him. For they thought all would be forgiven by offering pitiable gifts, this was not the case. His anger led him down a dark, destructive path. He walked along the road following the lights that strangely sent out an aura of anger and sadness. He continued walking until a conspicuous sight made his feet suddenly stop and become a part of the sad lonesome ground that squalled out, shattering the somewhat peaceful silence. He looked up and saw a full moon slightly illuminate the sky, and directly underneath the moon stood a girl, her face was pale and her eyes were stained with tears.

The girl stood there, unaware of the boy that now stood behind her. Tears continued to fall from her sad, lonesome eyes. The tears sullied the ground, as the grass where the tears hit withered away and left nothing but a forgotten dream. She looked up to the sky, her eyes now transfixed on the moon. A breeze came by and blew her hair in front of her face. As her hair blacked out her vision, she remained motionless. She didn’t move, she didn’t breathe. She focused on the wind as she reflected on the past couple of days. She started to shake and her “friends” were right there to comfort her. Sadness wrapped around her and made it impossible to forget. Anger kept her warm and made it impossible to forgive. Abandonment shined in the sky and lit up the hurt memories that paved this cold, desolate world. Rain fell from the sky and woke her from her trance. The rain drops blended in nicely with the tears that were already present on her face. She looked up to the moon again and jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a boy. The boy seemed sad, and he had been crying.  

The boy stood behind the girl. She seemed unaware of his presence as the grass underneath her withered away. He saw her eyes move toward the moon and his eyes took their lead, focusing on the flamboyant ball that enveloped the sky. This whole world just made his heart ache. The lights that lit the way made his pain visible, waving it in front of him, coaxing him to fall to his knees and end it. Even the way the moon danced in the sky made him feel so alone. A breeze came by and made his problems cease for a couple of seconds. He looked at the girl, her hair blocked her face. She seemed troubled. She seemed not to notice her surroundings, including the boy that still stood behind her. Rain fell from the dark, envious sky. The drops slowly ran down his face, making it easier to hide the tears that he tried his hardest to detain. He saw the girl snap out of her trance, for rain now cloaked her and made her seem inaccessible. His pain was overpowering, but the strange thing was that he could somehow sense the girl’s pain as well. Maybe he wasn’t as alone as he thought he was. He reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. When she turned around, strands of her hair covered her face. He managed to see past her hair and into her eyes. They begged to be consoled, they begged to be loved. 

The two stood together as one. A vortex of leaves wrapped around and secluded them off from the world. The wind wrapped around them and whipped away the tears from their faces. They looked at each other, the agony and anguish that they both felt was becoming miniscule. The grass underneath them that seemed to be gone, now shone with beauty as the whole ground was refurbished. The moon seemed a little brighter as the leaves sputtered around them, making them smile for the first time in a while. When the leaves finally fell to the ground, they found themselves in entirely new place. The world that emitted an aura of anger and sadness was gone, and when they looked up they found themselves underneath a cross. The cross called out, embraced them, and showed them the love that they always wanted, but never thought existed. The girl looked at the boy and laughed, it was a symphonic sound that had been withheld from this world for far too long. The boy looked at the girl and smiled, a facial expression that had seemed lost under the misery that survived in his household. Both felt happy, both felt loved.

A girl sat alone at her desk, scars rested on her wrists, but they didn’t haunt her like they use to. She looked around the room and saw the other kids talking and having a good time. They were happy and so was she, a state that was completely new to her. The dark, envious thoughts that once controlled her dissipated, leaving nothing in their place. She no longer looked at the world with judgmental eyes; a new optimistic persona now belonged to her. She looked up to the heavens and whispered “thank you.” She thought back to a boy she once stood across from underneath a cross. A cross that alone gave her the love she had always wanted. She sat back and just laughed.

A boy sat alone on his bed, hearing the racket that still caused him great pain. Yet, this time he didn’t feel alone. He thought about his life and for the first time felt satisfied. The selfish thoughts of suicide vanished from his mind and he knew they would never be coming back. He laid back on his bed and closed his eyes. The anger that he once felt was just a mere memory that became shrouded in the contentment that now presented itself. He opened his eyes and looked to the heavens and whispered “thank you.” He thought back to a girl that he once stood across from underneath a cross. The boy closed his eyes again and just smiled.

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