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i had watched Enemy at the Gates for the first time and it pretty much inspired this...

Submitted: January 23, 2008

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Submitted: January 23, 2008



The dead lie among the snow and stones

A lone soldier lies all alone.

His finger's on the trigger

His eyes still shine with a timeless vigor,

And he waits for his prey to emerge.


There they are! the officers are walking.

His head is bowed, they are talking.

The bomb is falling, he breaks away.

This general will never live to see another day

Once the bomb has hit the ground.


A red splash spatters the wall.

The soldier's job is done; the general took the fall.

Now his hiding place is shook

By the falling bombs and life he took.

He must wait for night again.


Welcomed back like a hero.

He's killed thirty from zero.

He's famous as a sniper

Shoots as quick as a viper

And more will fall to his sight.


What they don't know is, late at night

He holds back his tears with all his might.

She haunts his dreams

And is more real than she seems

When she appears behind his eyes.


His sleep was empty, free of pain.

He picks up his gun and his ready again.

He checks his pockets, her picture is there.

Beside his heart, so lovely and fair.

And he prays he'll see her alive again someday...



K. J. Hamilton

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