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the wording is like my previous story, but it has a little more dialogue. goth boy meets goth girl scenario.

Submitted: January 14, 2008

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Submitted: January 14, 2008



He stands behind a row of books.  Science fiction, mystery, horror, supernatural.  He loves it all.  He picks up a book with a slender white hand and looks at it.  His black dyed hair drapes across his near pristine face.  Bright azure eyes skim the book, taking in details and words.  he sighs and places it back on the wooden rack.  Nothing interesting.  Nothing new.  Same old stories told over and over by different people.  It's what comes with living in a small town.  he wlks nonchalantly to the music department of Barnes and Noble.  Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Silverstein.  His thin lips turn up in a half-smile.  On sale, too.  He compresses his tall, lean frame to the floor where there is an Avenged Sevenfold CD is on sale; the cheapest he's seen.  His lithe fingers pick it up and he stands erect again, straightened himself.  He turns it over in his hands, then looks up over the near empty store.  It's raining outside now.  Thunder and lightning occur at random intervals.  His smile recurs again.  Perfect weather foor a book and a CD, perhaps a movie too.  then a girl impedes his view.  He frowns slightly, observing her as she hurries through the doors.  His frown lessens as he takes her in.  About a foot of her black trenchcoat is damp and her red and black curly hair is dripping.  She's short, he notices, not more than five and a half feet.  She shakes her head like a dog.  he's yet to see her face.  her black jeans and Breaking Benjamin t-shirt hug her curves impeccably.  She's not thin, but she's not heavy either.  he knows he should look away, but he can't.  he's entranced by her now, like a bird in a snake's grasp, and she doesn't even know it.  Finally, she raises her head to look around.  he is stunned.  She is more beautiful than a goddess of myth.  Her face is slightly angular, jaw line set firm, lips full and putning underneath purple lipstick.  But it's not any of this that captures him.  It's her eyes.  Even from a distance and underneath the black eyeliner and purple eyeshadow, he can see her deep chocolate eyes shining with intelligence and curiosity.  Those eyes fall upon him and linger there for a few moments.  A smile creeps up her pouting lips.  he draws a breath sharply.  Such a beautiful smile...  Finally he looks back down sheepishly.  But she's coming now!  She's coming to look at music.  He feels the urge to move away, but she keeps him rooted to the spot.  Unconsciously, he looks up to see if he can find her again.  No stranger has ever evoked this feeling from him.  Never.  She smiles again as she passses, but she only goes to the rack of Cd's opposite him and picks up Breaking Benjamin.  He, from some place, finds courage to speak.

"Like Avenged Sevenfold too?" he asks her tentatively.

She looks up, slightly surprised, but answers anyway.

"I do.  It seems that you do as well."

Her voice is as beautiful as her body.  He smiles.  She smiles.

"What's your name?" she asks.

"Jared," he replies, "How about you?"


In the back of his mind, he couldn't have thought of a better name.  Night.  Nyx.  The goddess Nyx he christens her.  Talk leads to touch.  A handshake.

"Would you like to get some coffee?" he asks, "You know, Starbucks is right over there."

He offers to buy her some and she accepts without hesitation.  Hour on hour passes.  The second cup of coffee's gone cold.  They talk about music, books, likes, dislikes, excetera excetera.

"Well, I have to be on my way," she says, "Thanks for the coffee, Jared."

He hesitates for a moment.

"Nyx!  Wait!  Um, if you wouldn't mind, can I have your number?" he asks sheepishly.

She smiles like a Chesher cat and pulls a black sharpie out of her back pocket.  There's no paper around so she grabs his hand and writes her number there.

"Movie next Friday?" she asks.

He nods eagerly, almost too eagerly.  She says goodbye in her melodious voice and leaves him wanting so much more, taking his affections out the door in her pocket.

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