Lunar Lament

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there is a secret behind this poem. if you happen to be shrewd enough, you may figure out how the story took place.

Submitted: March 30, 2008

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Submitted: March 30, 2008



My werewolf prince
dark, soft, sane,
whispers softly
in my ear
to comfort me...
My werewolf prince
ferocious, insane, changed,
crying mournfully
to the moon
to mourn my departure...
The vampire lady
graceful, beautiful, pale,
pressing gently
to her vampire lover
under the full moon...
The vampire duke
mysterious, pallid, handsome,
holding tenderly
to his vampire lady
above the weeping prince...
The werewolf lovers
my friends, beautiful, wild,
howling dolefully
to the sky
to say goodbye...
The vampire countess
charming, lovely, witty,
 standing stiffly
to listen to all
from the top of the manor...
The clairvoyant count
clever, striking, silent,
standing tenderly
next to his vampire countess
to also say goodbye...
gloomy, longing, crying,
waving sadly
to my friends
to my prince...
The princess werewolf
gloomy, longing, crying,
waving sadly
to her friends
to her prince...
The werewolves
strong, untamed, free,
lamenting miserably
to my departure
from one to the other...
The vampires
beautiful, pale, fierce,
howling sadly
to this I swear
to my return.

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