Oceans Away

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i miss the ocean...

Submitted: January 23, 2008

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Submitted: January 23, 2008



The waves they crash upon the beach
With a roar to rival a lion’s.
The water is crystal clear
And blue as an aquamarine.

The sand is soft
And sifts through my fingers.
The sun is setting and reflecting gloriously
Of the water and my tears.

The eternal breeze blows me away
To a time where I was with you.
I rose and fell like the ocean itself
And yet you loved me still.

I still feel it all for you.
I have never forgotten you.
The sea washes your soul back.
Return to me..

You would shine
Like a full moon on a clear night.
Pulling me to you with endless surety.
The ocean and her lover…

Return to me…
The moon always returns.
Why can’t you my love?
Return to me.

Here the sun is eternal.
Why weren’t you?
White is the sand, blue is the ocean
The sun is brilliant, so is the moon.

We danced like no other.
Before the light would come and the day would break
We would dance into the fires of eternity
Feeding our love and our freedom.

Far beyond this sea
Far beyond this sun and moon
Far beyond me where I sit
You soul still carries on.

This eternal wind blows a storm
To evoke my darkest dreams.
On the wings of that dream
I see you over and over again.

The crash of the surf brings me back
To where the present always lies.
Fire, wind , sand, and water
Everything makes us eternal.

I would walk into the ocean
And drown in the sea.
But I can’t leave this place my love.
It’s where you still linger.

The storm continues on
The sun still shines.
Our fight is over.
Our freedom is just a day and a night away.

Lose myself in the storm
Lose myself in the sun
In the ocean, in the wind, in the moon.
You are forever here and we are eternal…

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