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this is the second poem about sarge that I have written. the first isn't here because i haven't had time to get it here, but this is the second.

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



The rain
Sweltering, humid rain
Sticks to his skin
And fails to cool his tired body.
The days
Long, agonizing days
Drag on since the drop
And eat away at his mind.
The gunfire is still ringing in his ears
And the metal of his 16 is hot to the touch.
Blood stains his uniform as he travels on
And his eyes can’t see much.
Suicidal, something jumps out at him
Before he even knows it, the gun’s gone off.
He’s missed at first until it comes again and
Point blank, he can’t miss his enemy.
His squad is alerted to danger
Jungle dragons fly out of the trees.
Crazy, insane, knives in their teeth
Attacking without a single thought.
He is tackled to the ground.
The gun is out of his hands.
He grapples with his opponent
Until searing heat invades his senses.
The enemy is dead
And blood drips from between his fingers.
He sits in a daze, tuning out the sounds
Until a private yells in his face.

“Get up! Sir, get up!”

The private looks down and around.
He sees the wound and the blood…
“Damn it, sir! Sarge, get up!”
Finally, he rises to his feet.
All around him, the dragons still fly.
The young private takes his arm,
And Sarge hobbles toward his squad.
He is knocked to his knees.
The young private screams as he turns.
A dragon’s taken him out…
The private’s blue eyes dim in death.
The dragon’s war cry ignites his instinct.
The gun in his boot is drawn.
Three times fired, three dragons down.
Sarge crawls through the melee to a 16.
Steamy, humid rain
Washes away blood and sweat.
The 16 smokes in the rain.
It’s all over now.
Sarge looks again to the private,
Gazing at the face that will haunt him forever,
As he finally stands and takes in the carnage.
His tears are lost in misty eyes
Half his squad stands firm.
The other is dead or wounded,
All the jungle dragons are slain.
His men gather ammo and supplies
While field doctors work away.
Sarge strings his 16 on his shoulder
And turns and walks away.

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