Richard Pryor: "From Rags to Riches, One Nigga's Story"

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A one man show I'm putting on at the Annex.

Submitted: February 12, 2009

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Submitted: February 12, 2009



I’m applying the last bit of shoe polish to my face and rehearsing lines for my one man show at the Ozark Learning Annex. The title is Richard Pryor: "From rags to riches, One Nigga's Story". I had other titles in mind, Richard Pryor: " The bitch was so fine I wanted to suck her daddy's dick?! " and Richard Pryor: " I knew your momma when she was Whorin'... " But I felt these titles were far too ambitious for a venue as small as the Annex is. It's mostly a retrospective biopic about Richards life and times as Americas blackest comedian.

The show plays as follows:

ACT I: I, Richard, rise from the abject poverty of the streets and a family run whore house to try my hand at comedy. (re-enacting much of Richard's, I's, earliest comedy bits)

ACT II: SUCCESS!!! I, Richard, hit it big with comedy albums, TV, movies and cocaine. (Burt Reynolds makes a cameo as a young Gene Wilder. And we, I, Richard, re-enact the classic alarm scene in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil." Burt really is truly fantastic to work with. He is... A Master Thespian.)

ACT III: I set myself on fire! Mr. Pryor is trying to cook crack cocaine in a mock rock making lab I've, Richard've, built in the garage. (Despite two dress rehearsals I haven't actually tried on (or tested) the "FIRE SUIT." (My pyro guy assures me everything will be fine though, "Just try not to breath...or get to close to the fire", he says. But I'm not going to let a little thing like the fear of dying stand in the way of my dreams. "One Nigga's Story \\ She was so fine I wanted to suck her daddy's dick \\ I knew your momma when she was Whorin'... " (Name depending on the venue, as I’m positive they WILL grow in size, once the public here's of my work and demands that Burt Reynolds, who plays Gene Wilder, playing deaf newsstand owner Dave Lyons, steals their hearts. Whilst I steal the show... And their money! (Just kidding. It really is a great one man show, with stellar performances by Burt and I. It truly is well worth the $300 ticket price.))

Until we hit Broadway we'll be at the Ozark Learning Annex though, eagerly anticipating more LOFTY venues! The Annex is located two blocks east of the "Hillbilly Quick Stop" convenience store, directly behind "The Barefoot Hillbilly Insurance Agency", next to the airport.

Show times are Friday through Saturday, with an early show at 7:00 and a late show starting at 9:30. See you there.

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