A Vampire's Lover

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A Poem about a Vampire finding his love.

Submitted: December 21, 2009

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Submitted: December 21, 2009



Arises does he from his bed in the gloom,
A smile on his lips as he looks ‘round the room,
A thirst to feed and a hunger within,
Only he could be pure with sin.

Night black eyes and blood red lips
She had a delicate body that easily rips,
Golden brown hair that’s soft at the touch,
Pure of heart, but not by much.

He helps her from their bed to share
Embracing each other the perfect pair,
He holds her close and the kiss is sweet,
To her mind, memories from when they first meet.

Her window was open on that summers night,
Her only source was candle light,
She sat at a mirror combing her hair,
When she turned around he was stood there.

He was tall, and handsome to her
In her stomach feelings began to occur
He flew for her so quick that she couldn't resist,
And in his hand he held onto both her wrist.

She fell to her bed and onto her back
She couldn’t move she just saw black,
The kiss on her lips was demanding and strong,
But she felt like nothing was wrong.

Under his charm she closed her eyes
His own searched her body where she lies
With one hand he brushed her hair from her neck,
Slowly at first he kissed, just a peck.

Then the heat came intense upon his lips
And on her pale skin with his teeth he nips
The vein just below is gushing with blood,
His jaw closes down as hard as he could.

She moans from beneath and he pauses from feeding,
Her body below is complaining from needing,
Love and attention with an eternal life,
So from his pocket he draws his knife.

Upon his wrist slashes are made
And onto her lips his wrist is laid
To sip the blood while he drinks too,
And the moaning begins again just on cue.

She whispers a short phrase into his ear
Only loud enough for him to hear
He rips from her body her nightdress she’s in
And he knows tonight a new life she will begin.

Her vulnerable body is exposed underneath,
And his fangs again he begins to un-sheath,
To rip down her body to give her pleasure,
Once he's done it's she he'll treasure.

She moans in delight with the feelings inside
She feels so alive although tonight she has died
They both make love in the room of her deceased,
Though it is also the night on which she conceives.

So together they stand within their lair
Embracing each other, a perfect pair,
His hand on her stomach a smile on his face,
As he adds another to their race.

Love can be strange and with the wrong
Love is explained through every song,
And on that night what went on under a cover,
Made a vampire happy with his new found lover.

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