Love her madly

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just another love poem for a woman i love so much

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014



She is from Germany, not important, but I do love her so much,
not strange, well cause she has a heart of gold, on the right place,
she is special and love slowly was growing all showing on my face,
the love is inside and I am so lucky, so wonderful a little touch.

She is so special, only not every man is also so kind for her,
it hurts to see, it hurts to hear how she suffer in deep cold pain,
she walks like movie star, each step, only her heart is in the rain,
the love I feel is so special, as a trance with a hidden trigger.

She has eyes so beautiful, hair so lovely in the blue moon,
her smile is making men and women weak and happy same time,
star sparkle as she is passing by, the hurt inside feel like a crime,
one is for sure, I am so happy to have her in my arms soon.

She is so fragile, but also so much power only for how long,
the strength inside slowly fading, caused by unwanted deep pain,
her destiny? being neglected, abused physical, also in her brain,
so much pain, still have the power of giving her love along.

She is like a Goddess, intellectual with her natural beauty,
her goals will be affected, no doubts but just holding on her plan,
no one will keep her off track, going her way, as she knows she can
I love her in heart and soul, being at her side, acting in her movie

She love the old fashion glamour, same time she is humble
her golden heart, soft eyes care for others, getting back so less
her ladies so sweet, giving her so much, such a golden true bless
only thing she need is some care, trust, love soft and gentle

She is so sweet I will try to give her the love she need badly
giving her all the sweetness she has missed for so long really sad
giving back her live even it will be hard, love and not treated bad
lyrics of an old song echo’s , yes my love I do love you madly

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