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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sidewalks , pavements - those cracks in life we all jump over .

Submitted: October 16, 2007

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Submitted: October 16, 2007




Walk on the Wild side

One step, two step, three step four – run down the road and knock on a door.

Four steps, five steps, six and more – fly like the wind and rap on some more.

The colours of the rainbow, mother knows best, built like a brick khasi , when you walk on the wild side. - Whatever the saying, rhyme or game.

Kids stuff that kind of makes the world go round.

Stick your nose in the air and ignore e’m, was the traditional advice given to every young lady about facing the cascade of verbal sexual abuse handed out by those hunks of workman as she passed the city building site. Most probably the young lady was more interested in not stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk for fear of the beanie man grabbing her ankles as she passed.

More kids stuff, simple fairy tales or maybe myths of our times.

Who cares, adults, children – perhaps none. But there is one question, one singular question that would seem to be there. Unfettered lurking at the back of every mind on just one aspect of the town and city life that so many of us lead.

More interestingly the question would seem to be the very same to those who are born in, live and die in, end up in, reside for a short or long time in, or even just pay the occasional or even visit of a life time to any of our worldwide towns or cities.

What exactly does lie beneath those sidewalks or pavements that line the roads and piatzas of every city or town and most importantly – why are they always cracked?

We give endless attention and time to the pavements of our lives, when they are broke, we try our damdest to get e’m fixed. Although there are some bits of sidewalks in every town and city that never seem to receive the loving care and attention they cry for. But most local councils and managers of the walkways in our lives do try their best to give us the smooth pavements we desire to glide along to our chosen destination.

When broke they employ the expert attention of specially employed sidewalk technicians – the fixing gang.

The fixing gang, having spent their energy, toiled and sweated to work their wonder leave behind them bright shiney new amendments to an old sidewalk. Having completed a task that fills their hearts and souls with pride.

So if we give all this time, cost and attention to our pavements why do they get cracked? And perhaps more to the point, where is the sense in fixing these cracks, when all that happens is they seem to reappear as if by magic, the very second that the fixing gang turn their back to move onto the next sidewalk deemed to require their expert attention.

Personally my mind is drawn to the little quandary of some of the things that you can find on these pavements in our lives. Are they things that have just by chance happened to be there on these sidewalks? Or is there a rule of thumb that says – in every town, you will find the same set of things, built into or placed onto every set of pavements in every country in our world.

To many questions – perhaps, but let’s just concentrate on one thing, one example and we can use this to expand our theory of sidewalk / pavement,

Let’s explore just round the corner of one road, in one town, within the bounds of one city. It really exists and can be found in one well-known country in our world.

A country with strength of organisation which it once represented to the rest of the world and demonstrated by the industrial revolution that took place there .


Great Britain – England – London – Wimbledon – Wimbledon Village, corner of two roads. Here s our little bit of the world’s pavement to consider. This is where we stop to consider and concern ourselves with the evolutionary questions about life, it’s meaning, it’s reason, and it’s relation to all the other multi billion other living organisms and beings that inhabit this world of ours.

So what is the special aspect of this one point in our universe – a big question for anyone to ask? Well the answer is perhaps just as big as the question. For it is not just another cracked pavement , not just another stain embroiled into the fabric of the sidewalk.

Not just yet another piece of discarded gum to stick or adhere to the sole of the unwary shoe that happens to step onto it and not just another metal pole set into the pavement in concrete that upholds the means of displaying allowances that gives implicit right for the purveyors of motorised vehicles the right to park it and leave it unattended.

Thus being allowed the mere pleasure of using the space to park a vehicle and feed the misnomer called a parking meter, with money to gain the said allowance for the most valuable commodity in our lives today – time.

No there is more to this one single point in space, within our own world.

Go there yourself and view it. It will still be there. It has been for the past thirty years or more, since my childhood. Since the very days that I ran, sang, knocked and ran some more on that very pavement of my childhood.

I know this corner from old, stand with your back against the fence and look forward, view the white wall and great pane of glass window of the estate agents. Turn your head to the right and see the house across the street, hidden by the brick wall with the prolific growth of green and flowers that partly masks the clean lines of the wall.

Turn your head to the left and gaze down the great sprawl of road that seems to drift into oblivion as your gaze is lost into the drift of house upon house into a never ending sight of red and yellow brick and green growth of hedges and trees.

Look sharp to your left and then feel the pressure of the strength of the woodiness of the never ending wooden fence that fills your sight as it streaks away into oblivion.

Look down at your feet – and fear the cracks, for there they are – pick your way to safety across the desolate nature of this, the one pavement you are standing on at this very moment in time.

Stand on the edge of the pavement with your back to the road. Face the fence and look down at an angle of some forty-five degrees and you will see it. My very first thoughts at this sight of wonder were very simply that – wonder. Wonder what it’s for, wonder why it’s there, wonder who put such a thing there and why.

I have picked my way over this item …… from top to bottom. From side to side and from underneath to over the top. And from the unsensational front to peeking down the back, which is up against the fence.

I have even talked with people about it, asked questions about both its origin and use it’s meaning and it’s past, it’s future and reason for being. And to date know one knows what it is there for and more to the point exactly why it is there and who put it there.

I do know that it bears a crest and this in itself has leaded me on a journey of exploration. This crest is of an institution, which in the past was an emense, all-powerful being within the UK the GPO .

Now just a mere shadow of its former self but still in existence. The power demonstrated by the fact that people still used its descriptor as an everyday word in the vocabulary. Particularly so of the older generation, perhaps of those brought up to recognise the power of this institution in thier younger lives.

Nowadays I live some way from this site. I still visit on occasions, when passing and stand and view. Will there ever be an answer to all of my questions in life? – who knows, but I do honestly believe that for me, this is the one single of the question that I will obtain an answer to …….before I depart this mortal world … and perhaps this gives me inducement to ensure that I have many years of life left to me .



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