Warm Sunshine

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Warm Sunshine - wrapped around you , bathing you .

Submitted: November 04, 2007

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Submitted: November 04, 2007



Warm Sunshine .

He sat beneath the tree watching the sunbeams dancing through the leaf cluttered twigs of the low branches, only a few feet from him.

Spots of bright sunlight shining through the leaves flickered across his face, leaving him visually dappled and spotted like the blotched and mottled skin of a yesterdays apple.

Gazing up into the branches he watched in fascination as the heat hazed light shimmering in the breeze made the leaves and twigs dance like insects swarming over a pot of honey.

This was a perfect day and he just hoped to see many more just like it.

Laying back there , in the soft warm grass he just wondered in amazement at the intense feeling of well being, warmth and carefree headiness that came with the beautiful summery feelings that abounded. Each and every moment of his life he just longed for these most wonderful days

Maybe there were still many , many more to come, but as quickly as he wished this , doubt quickly spread into his thoughts as the realisation of the more than just a few days of warmth, sunlight and joy that he had already enjoyed to date. He knew that in any one year these days were limited and in this year they had already had many and it made it plainly obvious that his summer fun would soon turn to the chill of autumn.

The dropping of leaves would then abound and the finale of the bare branches would herald the onslaught of the cold and damp chill of the winter songbird.

He turned his head to the side to catch a glimpse of his child, skipping through the shadows and sunshine. If only for his sake there was at least one or more of these wonderful days to enjoy before the winter songbird arrived with her sharp shrill of icicles and soft petals of snowflakes that could fool the unwary into believing that their softness gave warmth and comfort. For he knew that to lay in the waves of snow blown by the chill wind would mean nothing but danger for all who were unwary.

His many years had educated his thoughts to see through the simplicity of everyday things to find the core of reality usually hidden below.

Meaningful thoughts of everyday things, mortality, never ending things, circles of reality and being – entered his head and the sunshine made the hazy, heady lightness of this day seem even brighter.

His eye lids slowly closed and his thoughts wandered and drifted ……..warmth soaked into him … and then he was taken .

His minds eye saw the lightness shimmer and the lessening warmth he felt on his skin made him aware that the end of the day loomed near. This day would be kept forever inside his thoughts, he told himself. And his child would never know how he would be remembered, as a dancing sunbeam, light shine warm hug.

He moved, effort pushing him from his recline, and he stood, tall, casting a shadow that hazy blackened the grass by his side. As he looked he saw that it streaked away out into the clear clean grass that seemed to be never ending into the distance.

He called his child to come to him and the echo seemed to breath as it bounced off the trees near and far and then was lost into the wide open space before him. The sun dipped and burst into a stream of golden orange and amber before his eyes – and then blossomed and bloomed into a mountain of streaky, wavy shimmers, as the end of the day announced itself to all who would be warned.

There was little time left and they would have to move quickly if they were not to be caught out by this majestic but sudden change to their vision. Darkness would be with them soon and this thought alone made him feel the chill in the air.

His child moved towards him aware that the changes they had witnessed to the passing of the day meant that they must make tracks, but as is youth, there was little haste in his movement and again he was called to. This time he responded by quickening his pace to arrive before his father within a few steps they looked one onto the other and both knew that they had seen a vision of themselves .

One as he remembered of the past, and one as he knew he would be in the future …….both acknowledged to themselves that they saw what they liked and liked what they saw .

Father and son, son and father they stood before one another and felt the nearness of each other, then in unison they turned to face the last drifting glimmers of amber shine that only hours before had been bright warm yellow sunshine and they caught the final beams of glistening golden yellow light streaked with white and darkness as the night drifted towards them and they both knew that another night time of adventure was before them.

His coat kept him warm and he knew it was the same for his son and as the darkness descended, deepening from purples to browns to mauves to blackness they both felt the excitement rising within them, the eagerness, the tingle of need .The urgency within them made them raise their heads and open their mouths.

Their eyes filled like pools with the wondrous sight of a full round yellow moon set against a background of near black darkness and the dancing, prancing never ending sparkling effervescence of the diamond stars that filled the night sky burst into view ……….. and they howled .

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