Moms Eulogy

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I found out my mom passed right before I had to make a 6 hour drive. I wrote this poem on the drive as a way to express what I was feeling.

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011




I found out today my mom passed away; a heart attack took her life.
It took a while for it to sink in, but when it did the world seemed less bright.
I’m sure God let her in, she’s more at peace than she’s ever been.
She’s one of God’s angels now smiling down from heaven.
But there’s things I've wanted to ask her, some things that have been on my mind.
I thought I had more time, she was only 49.
Our relationship's been rocky, it always hasn’t been the best.
Being a mom of four I know can put your patience to the test.
I've told her I've forgiven her for all that has been done,
I wonder if she ever forgave me for not being the perfect son.
We’ve never really bonded like a mother and son should.
I wonder if she ever wanted to; I wonder if she could.
I loved her unconditionally, I hope she could tell.
Like everything there was good and bad, but on the positive I will dwell.
She left behind two grandkids whose love she'll never know.
The only memories will be stories I can tell and pictures that I can show.
One day Jeremiah will ask me, "What was my grandma like?"
As a grandma one thing I know for sure, she would have done everything right.
I'll tell him that she loves you, and misses you so much.
She’s sorry she left so soon but in your heart she'll keep in touch.
I'll tell him even though she’s not here she’s watching from above.
And that each moment of every day she’s sending you her love.
I'll tell him she was beautiful and had an innocent soul.
That she was strong inside but sometimes life takes a toll.
I'll tell him she had to persevere through a childhood that was rough
That life wasn’t always easy so she had to be tough.
I'll tell him she did what she could with what she was given.
That I know she loved me very much even though she kept her heart hidden.
At the same time that I'm be telling him this, I'll be telling myself too.
Waiting for the day I can see again, the mom I once knew.

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