No Walls No More

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My battle of taking down my walls

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




I feel like I'm imprisoned, not free to experience the world freely.  

There's a warden in this prison, and the warden is me. 


I am the creator of my cell, built with invisible bricks. 

I can walk out any time; but to do that I'd be letting go of my mind.


My mind is my refuge though, it's safer than feeling.  

But the deluge of tears, I know would be healing.


I'd see the world from my from my heart, 

But I fear that would make me loose the ability to be smart


But maybe I don't have to completely loose my mind.

The doors always open I can come back any time.


But I'm afraid of the pain I hold in my heart.

There’s parts of my past that don’t want to part.


It’s painful to feel these feelings I don't feel.

It’s easier to live a life that’s not real.


I’m fine by myself I don’t need anybody.

That’s the line that keeps me from being free


This life’s not fun, not anymore.

I need to have fun; I need my heart to explore


But the adventure that awaits of this hearts vision quest

Will be turbulent and tough, but I will get through it, my past made me tough


I stand up and look out ready to take the leap

I breathe slowly and I start to wake the heart that’s been so long asleep


As my eyes are closed, I silently say;

"Give me courage, give me faith, 

allow room for mistakes.

These walls are not needed,

I don’t need to hide.

I can be proud to be myself,

And be myself with pride.

I’m not perfect any nobody is, 

I’m a grown man now; I’m not that little kid.

I’m not helpless anymore,

Not everyone will like me, but that is OK,

I don’t need anyone’s approval to be myself anyway


My mind becomes slow, and I feel my blood flow.

With each heartbeat, I feel my presence grow.


I hear the sounds around me and feel my feet on the floor.

I open my eyes to a beautiful sight. 

I see the world as it is; there are no walls anymore. 



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