Kill Me Instead

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random idea, kinda evolved into something im enjoying writing about
its a long short story to put it easy!!
enojoy :)

Submitted: July 09, 2008

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Submitted: July 09, 2008



Kill Me Instead

I'm sitting in my local watering hole enjoying my routine beer after work. I'm sitting in my usual secluded spot in the far corner of the bar, working on my laptop.

I'm working through my latest thriller/mystery novel when an email alert pops onto the screen, it was an email address that I hadn't seen before. I sit there for a minute or so eye-balling the pop-up contemplating whether it could be urgent. The email address is ''and the email read: "Hello Dean, I'm writing to inform you of my weeks plans. On Monday I'm going to meticulusly plan my attacks, Tuesday I will pay my first gour victims a nice social visit, Wednsday and Thursday I will be laying low, relaxing and conserving my energy... Awaiting my big days, Friday I think I will scout out some more victims and pay them a visit, Saturday I'm going to strike every, useless soul off my list and finally on Sunday I will rest, as god did on Sunday... The Sabbath.. The day of rest... But there's never any rest for the wicked, is there Dean? Hope to hear back soon... Mate."

I can't quite work out what strikes me more, the fact he knew me by my real name, the contents of the email or the email address I recieved it from. In fact all these factors have me well and truly baffled. For a start I write my novels under the name J.S Swash and only my family and close friends know me as my real name, Dean Shields. Obviously the email address was also extremly odd. The domain it came from though is worse '' along with the persons email address. Could it of been made especially for me? But quite seriously who would make a domain called stalkermail? It must be some kid trying to scare me I thought and clicked the little rubbish bin in the corner.

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