Party Murder

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Someone died.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



You and a friend have been invited to a party. It's just a simple get together for some unknown reason to you, but you see it as no problem and go with a friend (named Patty). At the party is a mother (Jackie), her sister (Ashly), the mother's teenage son (Jared), young son (Alex), and the mother's nephew (Sam), who is her sister's son. Patty is the ex of Jared. Sam hates Jared. Jared is a loner. 

Jackie and Ashly love him to death, though. You don't know Jared very well however.. 

The party simply starts with everyone talking and being social with one another. Soon the dinner begins. The dinner is served with coffee for everyone but Alex, which they all drink. Jared asks someone for a cigarette and Sam offers and gives him one before throwing the rest of the pack in the trash. Ashly offers everyone some chocolate she brought, and everyone takes some except Jared, who hates sweets. Alex asked for some but Jacky said she didn't want him hooked onto junk food. During the dinner Patty talks to Jared quietly and asks for his forgiveness for being unfaithful, and offers him a small bouquet, which he smells the scents and seems not phased by the gesture.

Shortly after Jackie brings out the cake and everyone takes a piece except, again, Jared. Alex sips some of Jackie's coffee and complains about how it tastes, so Jackie gives him a bite of her cake. While everyone is eating, Jared goes outside to smoke the cigarette, leaving the bouquet behind. When everyone finishes eating, Jackie takes all of the plates and cups up to go wash them. Jared is found shortly after, outside on the lawn, dead.

Who killed him, and how?

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