Scene at a Counter

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At the mall not everyone is who they appear to be.

Submitted: June 05, 2013

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Submitted: June 05, 2013



Servai was surprised at how pretty she was. From his vantage point just outside the department store, he could see her in the cosmetics department where she worked. He could see her long, neatly styled blonde hair shine in the overhead display lights. She wore a tight-fitting black dress, which was cut low in the front and high above the knees. She reminded him of the women who always appeared in American motion pictures of the 1940’s.

He watched her work behind the counter, waiting on customers and selling make up and skin cream to women also trying to look young and pretty. She smiled easily and though it was not part of the plan, he wanted to talk to her, to hear her voice and see if it was as beautiful as she. The mall wasn’t busy, so there were few people around to complicate matters. He continued to stand outside the store entrance and watch. She had just completed a sale, so after the customer left Servai noted she was now all alone behind the counter. It was here, however, where he deviated from plan.

Instead of walking straight up to her, he walked right past the counter and on into the store. He wanted to take a quick, close-up look at her. He was not disappointed. Her face was clear and the color of cream. Her make-up was lightly and evenly applied with lips that were outlined by bright, red lipstick, which gave her mouth a seductive, pouty appearance.

Servai slowed his pace, then as he turned around and cautiously approached, he could smell the light, sweet odor of her perfume. She slowly turned around and smiled. It was a gorgeous smile.

“Hi, how are you today?” she sweetly asked.

Her gray-blue eyes were mesmerizing, as he started to answer but hesitated. He first noticed that her eyes began to grow wider and her pupils began to dilate, as her smile quickly turned to panic. Servai quickly realized she knew who he was and why he was there.

She made the first move for something under the counter. He didn’t wait to see what it was.

The beam from his wrist-tron put a neat, pinpoint hole directly into her forehead. There was no noise from his weapon and no noise from her. She just gave out a tiny gasp, as she fell down behind the counter. There was no blood, for she had none.

Servai quickly lowered his arm and glanced around. No one had heard anything. No one had seen anything. He then turned and slowly walked out of the store and on into the mall, blending in amongst the light crowd of shoppers. He didn’t look back.

She had imitated a human well. He would file his report on the Star Way home tonight, then collect his bounty. She was a perfect imitation and it made Servai somewhat sad.

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