The Bite-Citizen Originates

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(Hold onto your hats for this one. It's bizarro hour!) A normal alien scientist is bitten by a human, giving the alien scientist human powers, becoming a superalien hero.

Submitted: July 06, 2015

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Submitted: July 06, 2015



Larry the Telephone Installer twisted his head out of a strap I wasn't aware was so loose, and sunk teeth into my gray flesh, causing a sharp sensation to vibrate through my skin and wiry muscle.

"Oh," I recall saying at the time. "That was unexpected."

My colleagues, who were probing Sally, the owner of the house Larry was calling on, observed me and Larry the Telephone Installer, then returned to their work. It was acceptable. No one understood the concept 'pain', then.

I strapped Larry back down, and double-checked all his straps, to make sure it would not happen again.

"Requesting small minutes of the flow of time, colleagues," I said, and stepped into the waste room to inspect the place the human's teeth had impacted.

"Interesting," I observed, as I noticed the indentation of on my flesh mimicked the pattern of the human's teeth. The little micro-craters made by the depression of the teeth still had some of the human's saliva in it, so I used the vapor sprayer to clean it off. And what an unexpected but not unfavorable sensation the vapor sprayer's touch enacted.

The door tones sounded. My colleague, Xilo-sa, came through.

"That was unexpected," Xilo-sa told me.

"Agreed," I said.


"No," I say with a shake of my head. "Temporary. Prognosis: favorable."

"Acceptable," Xilo-sa said, and departed.

It was not until we returned to the home planet, Home, did I notice something also unexpected. Abnormal, actually.

Stepping from the ship's field seal, I had an impression of displacement inside my brain. It was analogous to finding oneself in a place one does not expect. Which statistically occurs on the low spectrum of events, I understand. But to have such an impression merely passing through a field was unexpected.

Xilo-sa ahead of me noticed. "Irregular," it noted. "Was your balance just now disrupted?"

"No," I say with a shake of my head. "An unexpected interaction with the seal field, I hypothesize."

Xilo-sa glanced past my shoulder, to the field. "I will request diagnostics performed on the field, then," it told me. "I hypothesize an unknown malfunction is at fault."

"I agree with your hypothesis."

However, that was not the end of the abnormality. It is fact that the abnormalities continued. Additionally, they began to compound. I had an impression of misunderstanding or, possibly, being incapable of hypothesizing the situation and statuses of the occupants of the necessary and mandatory sterilization chamber in Home's starport.

The rotary scanning and sterilization device operated over my head, which seemed to cause some temperature drop in my internals. To specify: it would seem my blood temperature temporarily dropped, and my entire body experienced a brief vibration without known cause.

"My situation is undetermined," I spoke to myself in the chamber. "To what factor or causation does this abnormality I am observing originate?"

The chamber's observer queried me, similar to the history of two queries preceding it, to determine my normality. I responded positively, even though my response was incorrect.

And it was in that second in the flow of time that I comprehended completely my progressing abnormality: I historically stated incorrectly. Intentionally. Due to what unknown causation?

I proceeded from the sterilization chamber, screened and authorized to progress into Home-Tertiary--the habitation aligned parallel to Home's spaceport.

A Facilitator requested me to halt, to cease entrance to Home-Tertiary.

"Cause?" I spoke to the Facilitator.

"Warning," the Facilitator responded. "Abnormality citizens count has risen at least 25% in the time period between the mission's departure, and the mission's return."

"Noted," I said. "Caution increased. A message of appreciation will be transmitted to Facilitation for this notice."

The Facilitator reauthorized my progression. I historically intended to progress via ground-effect habitation transport to my destination--Xenobiological Research One--except for my progression's interruption caused by two citizens positioned at the front of behind of the transport I intended to utilize.

"Elaboration?" I said to the two citizens.

"Give us your currency," said the citizen at transport's front.

"Reason?" I said.

"Because," the citizen at front replied.

"Unclear," I said. "I request continued elaboration."

"You will be shown elaboration," the citizen behind the transport said, and progressed to me. Citizen at transport's front progressed to me in tandem.

An impression similar to the impression experienced in the sterilization chamber enabled in a second instance. At that second of time's flow, my circumstance was indeterminable. Abnormal. Remarkably abnormal.

"I request a Facilitator," I told them. "This is abnormal."

"It is," the citizen from transport's front said.


I regressed from my previous position, maneuvering in tandem with the two citizen's progression. The two progressed more rapidly. The distance between I and the two citizens shortened.

"Causation?" I said again, but the two citizens declined to respond.

Front citizen placed its hand on my flesh, forcing me, void of my permission, into its proximity.

"Forced," I tell them. "Violation of citizen agreement."

"Agreement is voided," citizen from behind said.

The impression of my blood temperature lowering increased. The vibration of my body intensified.

My reaction was abnormal. Unexpected.

I bit the front citizen's face, as Larry the Telephone Installer historically bit me.

Front citizen regressed quickly, its hand placed on the location I had bit. "Query!" it said. "Query! Unexpected! Requesting response! Unknown impression!"

Citizen from behind observed me. "Seeking explanation," it said.

"Unknown," I said. "Unexpected." I observed the citizen from behind. "Violation of citizen agreement enacts...biting."

"'Biting'?" Citizen from behind said. "Explain terminology: biting."

"Term unknown," I responded. "Second violation? Notice: biting response to second violation potential: favorable."

Citizen from behind observed citizen from front. Citizen from front's hand was placed on the impact point.

"Regressing," Citizen from behind said. "Abnormal citizen," he said of me. "Exceptionally abnormal citizen." He said to the other, "Request mutual regression, this second in the flow of time. Facilitator response is favorable."

"Agreed," Citizen from front agreed.

The two citizens, abnormal, I hypothesized, departed from my observation.

My body vibrated. Bodily control was inactive, for causation unknown. I observed internally, at that second in time, a response to the previous abnormal citizen stimuli, a second impression: my blood temperature increasing in tandem with my body's total temperature.

The most recent situation and circumstance I observed in my brain without the recollection's request initiated in my brain. I calculated the instance's result as satisfactory. No, actually; the satisfactory impression was exponential? Abnormal. Satisfactory results historically register no more than one scale of satisfaction. Exponentially abnormal? What causation? Understanding of my situation at that second in the flow of time historically registered in the range approximating zero.

A Facilitator maneuvered to my proximity. "Status?" it said.

"Unstable," I said. "Prognosis favorable, given reasonable period of future time."

"Identification of two citizens in violation of citizen agreement?"

"Unknown," I respond.

"Acceptable," the Facilitator said. "I intend to monitor you until such a point in the flow of time as your entrance to an appropriate transport."

"Understood," I said, and entered the transport previously designated to me.

In the flow of time as I stood in the transport, the vibration in my body doubled in intensity, then tripled.

"Query," I said, for the transport was otherwise empty. "Query? Query!" I placed my hand over my mouth. Bitten. I had bitten a citizen to dissuade a violation of the citizen agreement.

Larry the Telephone Installer bit me, historically. In this hour of the flow of time, I bit an abnormal citizen, mimicking Larry the Telephone Installer's bite. Abnormally, I understood, the impression Larry the Telephone Installer caused me, I caused to the abnormal citizen.

Biting, I hypothesized, caused an unfavorable reaction. An unknown reaction. A reaction I historically observed to my body as unfavorable, hypothetically, was, in transmission from the planet Earth, to this planet, Home, enacted unfavorably upon citizens.

At that second in the flow of time, the start of recognition and understanding began. I had transmitted some physical action from Earth humans to Home citizens, and, I hypothesized, I was singular in understanding this new phenomenon.

A physical advantage, this knowledge. Hypothetically, my withholding this information to my singular utilization potentially favors my objectives.

Understanding this situation, I decided to utilize this singular knowledge to enact my ideas, objectives and perceptions upon Home, to the favorably inevitable instance in the future flow of time my impact through this physical knowledge and advantage would progress high quantities of change.

I identified myself, then, and in the future flow of time, as Bite-Citizen.

I react to citizen abnormality.

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