Waiting For Marcus

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This story is about a girl who has a perfect life in her small little perfect town. She has always lived there and suspects she always will. The boys have always love her. But recently she has been asked several times to marry some of them. She always denied them, she wasn’t ready for marriage. She wanted to keep living her wonderful life. She was sure it wouldn’t get much different, until she met Julian Trough. After years of saying no she finally says yes and her whole life turns upside down, when she realizes it was the biggest mistake of her life.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



I had been looking out the window almost all day. I was waiting for the writer to get here so he could write what I tell him. At this age sitting and watching is just about all that I can do, moving is just out of my reach. Nothing ever used to be out of my reach. I remember the days when I did everything, experienced things, no one else could. The days I was beautiful and flawless, boys came after me like hungry lions. Now I’m worthless, I can’t move and I can barely breathe, I’m wrinkly and old, I don’t desire to live any longer, but that is one other thing that is just out of my reach. I don’t deserve to be loved; I ruined that for myself years ago, when I made the biggest mistake of my long lived life. Just a precaution though to anyone who is reading this, it will be a sad story in the end. In the beginning you will love it, and then you will come to hate it. I hear a knock on my door and know the writer is here ready for my words. So I tell him to come in so I can finally be free of this heavy burden that’s weighing me down, and face my worst fear. Death.

My name is Vera Dubois and this is my story.




I sat there, looking out the window staring at all the beautiful trees and plants outside. I really did not want to go through this again today, even though mother has prepared me for it and has insisted I go. I don’t like having to break heart after heart because I’m just not ready. Every time it’s the same old response. “No, I’m so very sorry but I’m just not ready. Maybe when I’m a little older.” I’ve had to say almost the same thing many times for about three years. I always feel bad but I’m just not ready for marriage.

Once we left the house to walk to town, Mother started drilling me about what to say, how to act, to not be rude and most importantly she says, is to be polite. All of those things will come easy for me, I mean I’ve been doing them for literally three years. It doesn’t take long for us to get to town, and the restaurant we are going to is on the edge of town so we get there pretty fast.

Inside the restaurant is only three people all of whom are sitting on there own. One of them is the man I’m supposed to be meeting, and the other two are people I don’t recognize. One is male and the other is female, the female is closest and minding her own business, but the male is farthest away and staring right at me. At first this scares me, and I reach my hand up about to tap my mothers shoulder to tell her but he shakes him head at me and looks worried. So I drop my hand and he smiles. I start to have this feeling inside of me, its sort of sickening. The weird thing though is that I like it.

Lost in his gaze I don’t hear my voice being said until my mother taps my shoulder. It was extremely hard to look away from the deep look in his golden green eyes. Finally i pulled myself away from his trance. “Vera, would you please sit down?” Jacob, the man I was meeting, says to me politely. I look at him and slightly shake my head.

“I would rather not, Jacob, I’m very sorry but I’d like to just get this over with. We both already know my answer, and I have something I need to take care of.” the shock on his face was almost frightening.

“Well, then Vera you have my permission to leave now.” like I actually need his permission. I would have left if I didn’t have it anyway.

“Goodbye Jacob” I said rudely and turned and walked in the direction of where I saw the man staring at me but when I looked over there, he was gone.


“So, Charles, at that time I was very confused. At first I thought I had seen a Ghost but I rejected that thought because at that time I didn’t believe in that sort of thing. I ended up telling myself that he had slipped out of the restaurant when I wasn’t paying attention.” I laughed. Charles was the name of the writer. He and I were becoming great friends.

“Well, I have to say that I am quite enjoying your story so far. Would you mind if I asked you to keep going?” he asked politely and I smiled.

“Oh, my dear boy of course I will. Now where was I? Oh right, the man had disappeared.”


I Stopped abruptly and turned around and went out the door of the restaurant. When I looked inside the window of the restaurant I noticed my mom, as usual, apoligizing to the man I just declined. Me on the other hand, was consentrated on something different entirely. I started walking very fast, almost running, I had to find that man. I had no idea where i was going because i had no idea where he would be, but i knew that if i kept walking i would find him.

The town was very busy this time of day so it was very hard to find anyone, there were so many different people in the crowd. I searched, looking at everyones eyes, not their clothes, but there eyes searching for a certain pair that i recognized. I wasnt sure exactly why it was so important to find this stranger, but it was. Pushing my way through the crowd i realized that i was finding nothing and i was about to give up when i saw it, a shinning gold. I turned to see where it was coming from, and that when i saw him 














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