The Mirror

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Robin is told to avoid the mirror. But, he realizes that he cannot resist the urge. He goes to it, and notices something strange about it.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017





I was always warned to stay away from the mirror. I was never told why, or given any explanation. Only told that simple command of staying away. But, how can one simply avoid something after curiosity has been set off in their mind? I would not have a care in the world about it if I hadn’t been told these instructions. Why can’t I simply avoid it now? I try to do other things, I try to get my mind off of it… but something just continues to compel me back to that dreadful mirror. What is it about it? It’s simply a mirror. There’s nothing else to it. It must just be a priceless antique, one that they did not want me to ruin. But, deep down inside me, I knew that this was not true. There was something special about the mirror, but… What was it? I was about to find out.

I approached the mirror, which was tilted to the wall, and turned it so it would be facing me. The border around it was decorated with the finest of jewels, and golden outlining. The glass had not even a smudge near it. Was it really what I suspected? Just an old antique, destined to sit here and collect dust? It couldn’t be… Could it?

I had lost all hope. Of course my idiotic mind had gotten my expectations up, just to fall down like a freefall off a cliff, smacking into the ground of reality. But just as I was walking away, I noticed something; a small distortion in the reflection. At first I could not recognize what was happening, but then I began to recognize that the glass seemed to have a rippling effect, like a stone skidding across a creek. I tried to look closer into the mirror. Distant murmurs told me to come closer and closer; I could not tell if they were truly there, or if they were simply a figment of my imagination. I drew more and more close, and the voices continued, until everything had gone dark.

I woke up to a face of a girl staring at me. She looked like a normal human being, except for her eyes; unlike the common eye colors that I was used to seeing, they were a deep and beautiful shade of violet. I stared for a little bit, still trying to comprehend what had just happened, when she spoke.

She appeared to be a little bit hesitant before trying to speak, but she eventually spoke the words, “Who are you? I thought it was only Josef and I here…” Her voice was calm and soothing, as relaxing as a lullaby. I felt the urge to doze off back to sleep, but I kept myself awake, keeping my priority straight; get back home… However, in the back of my head, I had been thinking, ‘Why not stay a while?’ I figured that I might be able to get some information from this mysterious girl.

“I-I’m Robin. Who are you?”

“My name is Ninian. I am pleased to meet your acquaintance,” she had replied.

“Um, this may sound a little strange, but where are we? I must be a little lost, I blacked out and ended up waking here.” I asked, wondering in the back of my head if this place was actually real, or if I had been dreaming.

“You are in Sonu. This is a world not of your own. May I ask what you were doing before you awoke here?”

I had knew it! The mirror was not just a fancy knick-knack of no use. However, my question was simply; why? Why was this world locked away from our own? What had been simply different around it? None of the surrounding nature had been any different, despite the lack of any signs of fauna. And of all places that it could be hidden, why would it be in a mirror? I had so many questions flowing through my mind, but I knew that I had to wait and be patient.

“I had approached a mirror that I was told to avoid. I know I should’ve but I just-”

“Oh. That means you must leave eventually… back to your realm, I mean.” She said this with a sigh, and I could tell from her tone that she was upset. I didn’t really bother to ask what had been wrong though. Maybe I should have. I just didn’t think it would really matter in the end of it. She continued, saying, “However, it would be wise for you to spend a small amount resting here. Wherever you came from, you awoke with a bruise on your arm. My servant, Josef, will be able to tend the wound easily. Please, follow me.”

I had looked to my arm and noticed the bruise; it was huge. How could it have happen? There also appeared to be a small puncture through my arm, but it was nothing. I had probably simply been poked by a stick… But, there was also the question of how the bruise could have possibly formed. I shook the thoughts out of my head and followed Ninian.

We had eventually arrived at a cozy cabin, and Ninian invited me in. Here, I saw the first other sign of life besides Ninian herself. I had assumed that this was the Josef  she had mentioned earlier. He was definitely in his older ages, maybe around 50, but he appeared to be in very good health. He held a spear in his left hand, and in the other hand, he held open a book that was in a language I couldn’t recognize. When he looked up, I noticed his that his face had a stern look. It felt almost as if he were glaring at me. To my surprise, he did not question the fact that I was here, nor did he say anything to at all.

Eventually, Ninian had broke the silence, saying “Josef, could you please help tend to his bruise? I found him while I was on my stroll in the woods. I knew I could not just leave him there. Plus it is rare on the occasionally that we see anyone or anything like this! Just for you, Robin, I will be making a delightful feast for us tonight. And then,” after she said this, she began to sigh yet again, and using that disappointed tone that I hated. Even though I had barely knew her, I did not want her to feel this way. She continued on, saying, “Then he will return back to the realm of Earth.”

Josef had still not said a single word, and before I even noticed, he had my bruise all completely bandaged up. I could already feel it soothing already. In an attempt to start a conversation, I asked Josef, “What was in the remedy you put on my arm? It’s almost as if my arm has already been cured.”

“Roselily. It’s a local wildflower that grows in our fountain garden.” His voice was cold, and his words sent shivers down my spine, as if I had been in the middle of a blizzard.

“Josef is an excellent apothecary. I’m sure that he could heal just about anything or anyone.”

Josef had actually smiled for once. “You are too kind to me, Ninian. Thank you.”

Ninian then changed the topic, eventually saying, “Oh no! I apologize for such an outburst, but I have forgotten the carrots from the gardens. I will be back soon enough. Do make yourself comfortable, Robin.” She left in a hurry, and all of a sudden, Josef stood up, and was looking more stern than he was before. I didn’t even know that that was possible. Josef spoke in a voice that was full of hatred, “You there. Robin, did Ninian say?”

I gulped. What did he want? “Y-yes, that is my name…”

“Ninian said that you would be leaving after you’ve healed your wounds. But, that case would be incorrect. You will be staying. I did not go through the effort of waiting by the pitiful mirror for years in order to get a hold of someone and knock them unconscious.”

“W-what? So YOU were the one who dragged me here? You’re the one who knocked me out, and gave me this giant bruise? Why?! For what?!” I had shouted.

“After you’ve learned the art of using a spear, it is simple to do such a thing. Especially to someone so weak. As to why I did it? After I had wronged Ninian many years ago, I know I must make it up to her… With no other creatures living here, she is always feeling lonely. I am not well enough company whatsoever. However, you; when Ninian foresaw you, she knew that you were someone great, who could make her happy. However, she had also foresaw you departing here, shortly after your arrival. But, I am going to change it. I am keeping to keep you here until the very moment of my death.” He chuckled, and then patted me on the back. He continued on, saying, “I’d recommend getting comfortable. You are not leaving here anytime time soon.”

Just then, Ninian had entered the door. “I have gotten the carrots! The feast will be ready in a short amount of time. Let us gather around the table.” While I was glad that Ninian was back, so I did not have to deal with being alone with the madman, I had also been severely upset that she was back. I had so many questions about what I had just been told. What had Josef done to wrong Ninian? What did he mean that Ninian “foresaw” my coming? Why is there no other life here?

With all of these questions flowing through my brain, I wasn’t able to enjoy the dinner, or being around Ninian. I was distracted. I didn’t know what to do at this point. I also wasn’t able to get a wink of sleep either. I just wanted to get home. But, I knew that there was no way that I could.

I had come up with a plan that involved Ninian and I escaping Sonu through the mirror, and then allowing her a new life on Earth, with all of the beautiful fauna that she was never able to witness. There was one problem with this plan though; I was never with Ninian alone. I tried to find a moment, day after day, after day… but Josef would never leave to do something, or let Ninian and I leave together. Was he really going to keep me here forever?

Then, the day came; Ninian had order Josef to fetch turnips from the garden. He, of course, obeyed obediently. I went up to Ninian and I began to explain.

Ninian had just sighed again, “So you really are ready to leave? I guess that I can simply take you now, back to your realm.”

“Ninian, no! I want you to come with me. I mean, back to Earth. There’s many living creatures there, and so many oppor-”

She closed her eyes, and whispered, “I cannot.”

I tried to object to this saying, “Why? Do you want to stay here because of Josef? Does he really mean that much to you?”

Ninian got the same sad tone in her voice again. “No. I am forced to stay here. My family was banished from our home realm, after my father had killed the queen.”

“What? But what does that have to do with Josef? And where is your mother?” As I said this, I noticed tears rolling down Ninian’s cheeks.

“Josef… is my father. And my mother was the Queen who he killed. I do not know why I was banished here with him, as I had done nothing… We are not allowed to leave under any circumstances. And I can tell that is true for me for the rest of eternity. I have foreseen it, and no matter how hard I can try to resist, the visions are never wrong.”

“What do you mean by visions? Josef told me that you had foreseen my coming… I just don’t understand…”

“I know you noticed my unusual eye color. It was one of the first things you looked at when we met. My eyes allow me to glimpse into the future, and see anything that will happen to me in my life.”

I was put so off guard by this, that I did not say anything in reply. I felt rude by doing this, but Ninian interrupted my thinking when she said, “Josef will be back soon… Please follow me, I will guide you back to your realm.”

We had walked down the path that we had came from before, and we ended up in a beautiful flower garden. There were more flowers than I could count, and they were all of the same kind. I could not recognize what type of flower they were.

“These are the roselilies,” Ninian picked one off of the bush, and gave it to me. “Please, bring this back to Earth, and plant it… As a memory of me. Anyway, the way back to Earth is just right here.” She led me down the second of the five branching paths that were around the fountain. The mirror here looked identical to the one that I had came here through.

“I am afraid that this is farewell. Goodbye, Robin. Thank you for your company.”
“Goodbye. Thank you, for letting me go, when you so easily could have kept me here.”  

“Yes, the time is now to leave. Josef will realize that we are here soon enough. Again, goodbye…”

I came back into where I was when I had entered the mirror. As I was entering, I had also heard Ninian whisper, “and goodbye Earth…” Back at Earth, I heard a shattering noise from the mirror. However, the mirror did not shatter. Nothing had even changed about the mirror either. But then I noticed the major thing that had changed; the rippling was gone. Had Ninian shattered the mirror on Sonu in order to prevent something like this ever happening again? I did not know. I tried going into the mirror, as I did when I entered the portal, but the mirror was now truly glass.

Now, it really was just an old antique, destined to sit here and collect dust.

In honor of Ninian, I took it and hung out on the wall, instead of leaving it tilted to the wall, where it had been for more time than I would ever know. Underneath, I grabbed a flower planter, and planted the roselily that she had given me when I finally left. I just then noticed the decoration of the flower on the border of the mirror; it truly was a beautiful match.

Yes, they had told me to stay away from the mirror. It wasn’t bad advice. I’ll even admit that I probably should’ve listened to it. However, would I regret investigating more about the mirror? No.

Never in a million years.


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