who am i

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people come n go.. friends fight n hug.family smiles and cries

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



they say do on to others as you would do to your self?

they say make sure that you take care of what you need to do.

for noone will do it for you.

they say help others and others will help you..

they say dont be selfish.

dont be greedy..

but when it comes down to it and we are the hungry and needed.

noone will be there.

they will turn their heads as if they know you not.

but when they needed a hand

when they needed a ear.

when they needed a person to lean on

it was you that came with open arms

it was you that listened to the sarrows of the fallen

it was you that was tall and strong

it was you that pushed them to betterness.

it was you that stands aside to see your brother try to hold his head high.

but at the end of it all when you stand alone and look in the mirror

you ask yourself WHO AM I.


who am i to judge them for they know not what you know.

who am i to judge them for not knowing when you are in need.

who am i to not understand why the world can be so cold but melting at the same time...

who am i.......


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