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Doomed to hell for all time seems unfair even for the most evil. Of course what is hell? And who's job is it to pull those who have burned off enough bad karma for another shot at being human ? Why its the Pullers job of course. This is the concept sheet.

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



He had his own account he was working to balance out and he knew it. In life he had flicked away every clue that suggested redemption and forgiveness was available to the “scum” he looked at every day at Smithtown Max. Now here he was pulling them out of the pit when the word came down that some were “ready”. He hadn’t seen any who had actually been on his block, but he easily recognized these types from years of looking at them. But here his eye had to be trained to overlook the remnants of hopelessness. And though he was uniquely qualified to easily see the remnant despair from his the old days on earth; it was now his painful job to learn to recognize the wider glow of found hope, and accept the possibility of redemption for even the most despicable in society. He did not savor this work, but at first accepted his position as an alternative to going into the pit himself. After thousands of pulls, this work had begun to accomplish what all good work does; it had unavoidably shifted his heart. “Some of these are ready” he called to his supervisor as he carefully examined the soft glow of the skin to determine which he would allow up. It was up to him. One of the features of Gods design that operated everywhere inside the borders of the Almighty’s jurisdiction; free will, also came here to his job at hand. And so he reached that hand down and one by one pulled out three who could not arise out of that highest chamber of the low place without his help and his decision to help. As on other planes, the top was a place you could get to by deception, hard work or as was usually the case some mixture of both. This chamber held the souls of those who had made those grades and now faced the puller. The puller was there and not down below for any of a number of reasons but common to the profile of most was someone who hadn’t harmed much or broken many laws in life but neither had they appreciated or opened their eyes to the plight of others or the beauty of the creation.

The third accepted and clenched his hand and came out, holding longer than necessary and briefly resting the remaining free hand over the joined ones. “How is it to be here doing this?” the third asked “Better than down there doing that, I’d imagine” He looked at the third and saw that the glow of the skin was different up close on this one. He recognized the darker veins running through the illumined skin, “Hmm” he sounded softly and paused “A Notorious” another pause “eh?” He had heard they come but he had never pulled one out. “What age are you from?” He gently pulled his hand away. “I cannot say…what age is this?” “The sixth… just starting” “Over ten thousand years since I lived in flesh.” The puller was not familiar with fourth age Earth history which is where that placed this one, but he wondered later what this one had done. He questioned the glow of the skin and whether he had he misread it. What would such a mistake be likely to cause in the grand scheme of the sixth age? Why couldn’t God just judge these for himself so no mistakes were made? He read before resting the pullers creed.

“I don’t send everyone to earth to believe in me, but they are sent to believe in something good and to learn to look beyond the sphere they enter with. That’s all I ask. When beliefs disconnect from the soul and from the beautiful creation of humanity I have made, chaos and death will be all pervasive as static in the air and un grounded until I am remembered again and the ground is underfoot once more, my earth that you came from and that can sustain you. I don’t ask you to remember me any specific way, except humbly. Those who give themselves to good work in a life speak my name louder than the tongues wagging in worship that do nothing with hands You are clay and spirit, one without the other makes you a phantom or a monster. I judge and so must you pullers judge by the glow on the head. It shows life in unity and life seeking unity. Both these you send to earth. “

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