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My first completed short story

Submitted: February 17, 2008

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Submitted: February 17, 2008



The easiest part of treachery is the betrayal. To plan, consort, and constant deception is the hard part. You also have to build up a bond with the target, and it has to be real or you wont belive in the lie, and will fall to your own incompetence. Incompetence is your worst enemy in this game. So hard to keep the lie alive is it! That is why I am the best I never let anyone see what i'm thinking.

It is a rush though, the thrill of seeing the life die in your opponents eyes as you take thier trust and turn it agianst them. I enjoy it in the worst way, it excites, exilerates, and fufills. The look in thier eyes is so sweet; like a fine whine after years of aging. This is a game, and the pieces are emotion, and controll.

I once meet a kid named Julius Ceasor. He was a bright kid, and I knew that he was destined to rise to power. He always talked about spreading the peace of rome to all. He constantly ploted, and to his credit he was very good. I latched on to him imediatly and befriended him. I could feel the gitters rise already; with my help he would rise, and after he was risen to power I would take everything away from him, and become ruler of all.

I Casca was one of the few ceaser truly tusted. I was often one of ceasers advisors. He came to me when all else failed. i can still hear him saying; "Casca my greatest thanks to you who have taken this tragedy and turned it to profit." He was a fool, and an ingnorant person. From the start of my freindship with him I used him to gain rank and power.

Finding the perfect oppertunity to strike is vital. Just thinking about that day drives me to the point of ecstasy. That day was perfect, and everything was set to spring into fruition. I waited while Tillius gave the document to Julius. I was shaking with excitement, I was about to shake the hands of destiney, and his reing was over he just didnt know it.

I pulled the dagger from my togga's sleeve, and took my time to walk beside him. One step and it was not just my hands that were shaking, Two steps and I heard the footfalls of death in the theater, Three I was within striking distance, Four He was dead. I stuck quick as lighting.

Julius caught my hand. "Casca you villan what are you doing?" he shouted.

This couldnt be I had been so carefull to never reviel myself. I never waivered for Julius, never faltered. So why did he suspect me enough to see this coming? Maybe he wasnt so much of a fool, or maybe he just got luck and seen the dagger before I wanted him to.

Let go ceaser. This cant be the end. "Help me brother" This was the only time I can remeber panicing.

The others came from no where, and killed himas he tried walking out of the steps. I steped over him and watched as the life fadded like a blown out candle from his eyes. I bent over him as the caretaker of the underworld took him, and whispered " your reing was nothing, you have no heir, and as a fool you took your worst enemy as your freind. Know this Julius I will benifite from your death, and that is the only use you had in this world."

With that he lay there accepting death. I watched as the life bleed out of him, and the light went out in his eyes. I shuddered with the thrill of it al;l turned and smiled as I left theater. It would be a good day

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