Special Girl

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These are actually some lyrics that I wrote which I once again converted into a poem :) I sung this at an audition to get into the royal drama academy back in england :) Hope you like it :S

Submitted: January 07, 2009

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Submitted: January 07, 2009



Every day, she knows what they all say;

They make her feel bad inside.

She feels so small,

To her it's that way -

Maybe it's just her time.

Nothing in her life is perfect (Hope shines away)

We've got to help her try...

But she doesn't know she can knock down the walls,

She can do what she wants to do.

Even the love and the trust will come through -

It's time to call...

If she can dream it,

Then she can do it -

She's unstoppable, just like a shooting star.

So get up and show the world...

You're a very special girl.

Her nerves are shaking, just like a earthquake,

Now is the moment of truth.

To prove to the world,

The talent behind -

The mask that's been so new.

Courage and sacrifice;

She's what she makes,

A few many hearts she will prove.

Crying to sleep for all these years,

There was no need for diamond tears...

Her life has been re-arranged -

Her world has been changed.

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