Met in the Roadside Cafe

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It was not that, there was no one to love him. But apart from his very own friends most of outsiders would underestimate him. He wasn't social, very shy and lost in his own world. Actually he was
too much brilliant and always used to think about studies. That's why some time he used to be unconcentrated. Hence he was quite intelligent and shy. He was a quite good human too. Bt everyone's
these hatred and insults had made him too much consicous. After middle school when he entered in high school, he along with his Best friend started a part time job in a Roadside cafe to bear the
expence of studies. The cafe wasn't so busy. The job wasn't much interesting bt they used to enjoy that job of laziness. One Saturday something happened. A customer came in the cafe in red frock
and having a violet vanity bag in hand. She was beautiful. The captivating thing about her was her calmness. She sat on the seat near the right side window. She was alone, no one with her. Really
there was a divine complement on her eyes. She looked outside from the window. Incidentally she met with Ridge. Both of their eyes gathered and they just fell, lost. Ridge hadn't ever planned of
have girlfriend. So he was confused. Bt soon he became over captivated by her simplicity and charms. Bt they hardly talk to each other. And if they would talk that would ve only about ordering
food. Bt there was a special feeling on them for each other. Actually they used to love each other by heart. It was like Silent love. Bt without any confession, their only medium to connect with
each other was their eye. And this was enogh for them to continue their love. Love used to come in that Roadside cafe in Saturdays of week. Both of they used to wait for that day to come. Though
they didn't tell to each other bt their wish of heart was just same. And when Ridge used to be in front Rose to serve her order, both of their heart would beat in same rhythm. Only they could
understood their language of love of eyes. They might listen each others heart beat while sitting by side. Days passed, monthes passed, bt they didn't confess their love. bt became a bit more
friends. Specially when Ridge used to be insulted by others he always used to think about Love or went to sit by her side. It was a like a shade to him. One day Ridge thought to confess his love in
front Love. But that saturday Love didn't come. No one knows what happened that Love stopped coming there all of a sudden. At first Ridge thought she is ill or is out of city and soon will return.
Bt making him wrong, she never came back. Day by day , months passed, years passed, bt she never came back. Ridge day by day lost in the sea of sadness. Love was a mental support to him. So loosing
her, Ridge became more and more intro-vert. From that time Love was disappeared, Ridge started to write diary. In the absence of beloved, Ridge choose pen to forget this loneliness. He wrote and
wrote. several letters which he threw in river and some he saved in his cupboard. He had written------- She was a shade of love to me, where I could feel relief , I could have peace. She was the
only and one preson who didn't ever misunderstood me, just loved me unconditionally. Some time Ridge had confessed of his unexpertness of letter writing telling---U know me I can't do a thing
properly so writing a letter properly is quite impossible matter to me. Whatever, I'm tring." No doubt Ridge had objection for Love that why she had left all of a sudden. Bt his pleasure and love
for her had crossed all the limits of objection. According to him, she came like a princess and left like an angel.

Time never wait for anyone nor for the life. Ridge became a man from a teenage boy. But he didn't forget Love. He never find such beauty. Although Ridge was living with Love's memory but he had
some disappiontment and objection that why Love suddenly forgot him and started her life with a new person. Ridge even pointed her as a cheater. Being alone over 25years, he used to have mental
frustation. Within all these disappointment one of Ridge's best friend, with whom he would live as a roommate, died. Ridge thought when would come his number. He wished that Love to see his dead
body. From a very deep sorrow , he wished like this. Whatever, he went in the graveward in his friend's first death anniversary. On the way of returning he saw a tombstone written the name Love
Johnson. Ridge's heart stopped for a moment. Tears was coming out constantly. Then he almost became a lifeless statue for sometime. He was feeling an intolerable pain in heart. Then a bit of
silence everywhere !!

There was no doubt that it was his beloved Girl. The date was also the next saturday of their last meeting. Soon he came to know that on that day she met an car accident and passed away that's why
she never came back.

Ridge's riverie broke by flapping sound of a bird's wings. It was a sunny Saturday. Sun was shinning more than before. Ridge looked upon the sky and smiled gently. All the earthly happiness and
sadness had become too much small to him. He could define the life in a new angle. He got freedom from soul , greed, hope and all other earthly things, he got free that freedom for which we all
struggle over life. He muttered---"What should be the Anthem of Life" while his eyes saw the same line was written on the Tombstone. And he smiled heartily strechted his arms took a fresh breath
and walk along the path between the Graveyard.

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