The Big House

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This is a little story that I just come up with one day. It dose have a lot of names that start with food. This is more toward kids.

Submitted: November 03, 2006

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Submitted: November 03, 2006



The Big House

Chapter One

There once was a little girl whose name is Jay. She lived in this big house with her sister and her brother. The big house had twelve rooms and six bathrooms. One of the bathrooms was made out of Grammy crackers and coca hair. The oldest did not like that bathroom because she thought it was scary. But the other two children loved that one because they could swing on the coca hair. They would play it the bathroom for hours.

Now, the children loved their big house because it was made with vanilla ice-cream, M&M’s, Jell-o, and hot beans. The roof was mad out of fudge sticks and pink icing. The children designed the house their self. They would stay up really late, and eat all kinds of food. They would have friends come over and play with them at different times of the day. They loved it. This house had a pool of hot dogs and a pizza day care.

One day Jay had invited her friend Sky Blue Bunny and Left Leg Pam. They played games like swim as slow as you can, run over the younger kids, and eat pizza with no hands. They laughed, and laughed, and laughed and laughed until they could not laugh any more. The middle and the young child heard all the laughing and came into see what was going on. They wanted to play too. But the oldest one would not let them.

So, they called their friends over and played with them. Meme friends were Yesterday leftover’s and Hot plate Daisy. And Tiny’s friends were Cookie, and Sunday Fudge. Their friends came over to play with them outside. There where not many rules. One was not to run with food in your mouth and the second rule was say please and excuse me. That was it on the rules. They could run in the house, jump on the beds, coach, floor, stairs and jump off the chairs. Oh, Yea! They could slide down the rail of the stairs with out someone telling them not to do that. They children and their friends had a blast. The house was made of candy for one thing and the next there was no adults around the neighborhood to tell the children what to do.

The youngest child Tiny went around the house to where his older sister and her friends where. He noticed a big tall door he had not noticed it before. Maybe his eyes where playing tricks on him. So, he went closer to see if he was dreaming and there it was the big tall door he never knew it was there. Chuck was another friend that came by at the time Tiny was amazed at the door. Tiny told him to tell the others to come see. Chuck called out to the others and they came to see what all the yelling was about. None of them wanted to go first but then all of them wanted to go in but were to scared to go in. Chuck said, fine I will go in with Sunday Fudge. They walked in hand to hand and seen this most awesome garden. The others went in the secret garden. Jay, said how come we never knew this was here before. We have lived here for hundred years and never noticed the house. Meme said maybe it is part of the house that we were not suppose to see yet until now. Remembering reading in the little red mint book about part of the house may not be seen until it was the right time. Well maybe this is the right time.

Meanwhile, Jay was enjoying the sweet smell of the secret garden. It had a sweet smell and it was cold. In the garden there where candy apple trees, sour flowers, and purple trees and chocolate seats. The children and their friends where surprised how big this garden was. It was the size of a football filed. There where butterflies and horses in the garden. They children walked around and played with there friends in the big house secret garden.

The next day the woke up in their own rooms. They wander how they got to their rooms, because last thing they remembered was being in the secret garden. They children asked their friends about that night and got no answers. The children went on searching to find the answer to how they got in their bedrooms. Jay finally said well I guess it is a mystery just as the garden was a mystery to us until the day we walked into the garden. So, maybe we will find the answers later down the road.

Weeks went by and Jay wanted to know what had happen that night. So, she invited her sister, brother, and their friends to the secret garden. She had put a chocolate milk camera up in a tree. No one knew it was there but her. She asked them to come in the friends heisted at first but then the walked in the secret garden. They talked, play games and eat in the garden. But no one said any thing about that night. Meme asked the Sky Blue Bunny if he knew any thing. He said no, and why I am I getting asked all the time. She asked the other friends and still no answer. Well, finally the bunny confessed of taking the kids up to their rooms. He said, that no one would eat anything until the children where in their beds. Jay said wait a minute what do you mean no one would eat anything while we were down here. NO, is to eat on our house anyway. Sky Blue Bunny said, that is not want you said that night. You told us to help our selves to food. Well we did help ourselves but not while you children where down here. Jay was so, mad that she could not believe that their friends would do something like that. Why eat our house, we would not your house if it was made of villain ice cream, Jell-o, M&M’s and Hot beans. I am sorry that is how we wanted our house. If you would all be kind and leave our home and never come back. Jay cried for days, and she swore to her siblings that they would not ever talk to Sky Blue Bunny, Left Leg Pam, Cookie, Yesterday leftovers and the their other friends ever again.

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