The Case Book of Mr Wise- The Grandfather Clock Affair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another mysterious story from the Case Book of Mr Wise, read to find out more!

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




  ”The Grandfather Clock Affair”

It is a peculiar case that I solved in the times of the Gold Rush in Australia, I was reminded of this case as I flipped through my record of the cases I solved. It was 1854, 15th of December, when I was waken up by my friend, as my colleague, Jack Waley...

"Wise, wake up! Wise!" said he. I woke up...

Everything was quiet...

"What is wrong doctor?" I questioned, "Something must have happened so you wouldn't happen to wake me up at..." I glanced down at my pocket watch, indicating that it was 5:32 "5:32... what has happened?"

"A client is coming..." doctor answered...

Without a single word, i brushed the scattered papers into the fireplace...the fire grew and i put on my morning suit and in stepped a man, strongly built...

"Greetings Mr Wise, I am here to consult you as i have a case which might interest you greatly, yet unsolved." the stranger explained.

"Pray sit down, and your name sir?" i answered.

"Thank you." he answered.

"Doctor, pray jot down some notes which interests you." said I.

"My name is Jacob Faker, it was a morning on the 3rd of December this year, i have not seen my boss since the 2nd of that month, but there are still signs of him working in his office in his house, but now..." my client recalled...

After a moment of scribble of pen, silence followed...

"Pray proceed Mr Faker." i broke the silence

"And now there are no signs of him ever since!"he said, with apprehension.

"Then we shall leave!" i said.

"To where, are you not going to help me?" the client seemed to be panicking.

"To the crime scene of course! ” I answered.

We three started the journey to the scene in the cab waiting downstairs, to Mr Watson's house, the missing person's house...

As we stepped in, a great clock loomed right before us with a a sentence nicked on it.

"When the short sword points to the lamb and the long spear pierces the mouse, the door shall open."

"What is this?" questioned doctor, baffled.

“Doctor! Have you not heard of the twelve legendary animals of the Chinese myths? " I answered," if this is the case... then... it should be 8:05 on the clock when a certain door opens. And this clock is stopped, so ... we should set it to that time!" i inferred...

A ladder crashed down before me as i set it to the right time... After a discussion we climbed up and a door to a room loomed before us, we crashed open the door and a dagger was not far from us, laying on the floor with a collapsed bookshelf and books scattered. Blood stained the floor, indicating the person was murdered from a height, blood drops were very big and unsmooth edges. With further examinations, there is a air window on the wall high above, big enough to let an adult through.

Outside, the ground was full of various footprints which means many people were crowding outside the house. I wandered inside... A red rope hit my face...

"Oh, is the rope to get the ladder down to get to the roof to clean the roof." Mr Faker explained.

With a sudden flash of inspiration, i solved every mystery in this crime.

"Mr Faker, i am now going to take you to the police." said i.

"But Mr Wise! You can't do so!"

"Surely I can! Because you are the villain!" answered i.

"How!" he retorted.

"Have you not killed Mr Watson? Mr Faker?"

"No!" he rebutted.

"Firstly you hired people to crowd around the house and then suggest that you will negociate with them without Mr Watson knowing you hired them and then tell him to hide in the room we found, and you tell one of the people to knock on the door and tell him to come out, making him to think that the protesting people have already broken in and killed you. This illusion can not deceive my eyes ha! And you take the cleaning steps to the roof with the dagger to kill him, he will try to escape from the window because he thought they are going to break in. So he empties the shelves and climbs on it and you slice his throat and he dies. I now have every reason to take you to the police." said I.

Doctor and I took him to the police.



The Case Book of Mr Wise- The Bath Tub Affair is also a sequeal to this!

Wait for the next!

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