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Just a small essay on the all mighty


It would take a smarter man then me to convince you of there not being a supernatural being (a god) but it will not stop me. I the righter of this am in fact an atheist… that means I do not believe in the all mighty power above helping and punishing and all that shit. If that upsets you as you are too close minded to hear any others arguments (maybe because you are scared you will not be able to defend your belief?) then please feel free to stop reading? It is your choice at the end of the day and unlike ‘God’ I will not make it for you.


God or Gods are something that is completely understandable and justifiable; a god is something that a person believes in as he/she cannot explain an event or occurrence. The human mind likes to understand, so when something that cannot be understood occurs we look for reasons, and some closed minded people choose a supernatural all mighty, the bible is a great place to start from (if any of it is remotely true), the bible has many stories in stories of things that without god cannot be explained and do you know why that is? It is because the people that have wrote the stories in the bible believe in god so they exaggerate and tell it in their point of view that is bias to a God. This means for the poor people that then read this book or story they also only see one possible explanation, a god. Now if you are that easily persuaded then good on you believe away because we have no time for you here…


The bible is full of mistakes, it argues with itself. My favourite part is the start of the human race; instead of evolution the bible follows a tale of Adam and Eve… now we all know how that goes? Well if you don’t it states that god created Adam, Adam needs a partner so God used one of Adams ribs to create Eve… now this is all fine but this is where it gets confusing? Adam and Eve then have sex like two wild rabbits and have loads of children to start the human race, now these kids are growing up and need to expand the population, so what do they do? Well there is nothing to do apart from to make babies with their siblings (that’s incest for you people who still believe in god)… and now for the killer! You will never guess what the bible “Prohibits”? Yes you have got it incest! The bible starts the human race off with incest and then tells us we are suffering because Eve ate an apple from a tree? Yeah right!


This was and still is only a small little essay on my views of god, I could wright page after page after page but that would get boring so I propose a different tactic? I request that you the people reading this think about whether or not there is a god and if you think there is then tell me why? You can tell me on twitter or email? The choice is yours… not gods?


Yours sincerely

Jake Fagan

Twitter: @3LeggedBandit E-mail: reamer_14@hotmail.co.uk



Submitted: May 09, 2014

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I totally agree with you.
You should add some biblical arguments too. Like there is this one part of the bible says that God knows how many hair you have, he is the author of your life, etc... That point taken, How is man liable for the sins he will commit if everything is destined and already carefully planned? Does that mean God made some people to go to Hell and some to go to Heaven? Isn't that fair? And even if God did exist, He is a bystander or what nicht would call, " God is Dead ". There are so many evils happening right now that he himself with all his power and wisdom could have stopped. Just read the stories of the top ten serial killers of all time and you will see their horrible past. I mean God could have stopped that right? and what happens if they die? They go to hell? And yet they call him the God of Love and Mercy. Pffft Yeah right.

Fri, May 9th, 2014 2:14am

Emma Brooks

Also, the choices you make here on earth affect your Final Judgement. In the Catholic faith, there are two judgements. In the Jewish faith, they believe the Son will come to save them. It isn't pre planned or already chosen. Your fate is for you to choose.

Fri, May 9th, 2014 2:33am

Emma Brooks

Um... a lot of my comment just got either erased or deleted. I'm not sure why, but I can write it again! :) Unless you don't necessarily want to hear what I have to say. Afterall, we do have conflicting beliefs and like all people, have our disagreements. If you want me to rewrite it and make my point then I can. But if not, then that's fine. I'm debateful and argumentative, but I am not going to change your beliefs at all because what you believe makes you who you are. The fact that you wrote this tells me that you are aware of other people believing in something. It also tells me that you are questioning my beliefs and I will defend them and stand by them. And I mean that. Just like youwill stick to yours, I will to mine. Also, people who are athiest can be just as easily persuaded as people who aren't, so yeah, in you second paragraph, my congregation is not just persuaded by the bible; there is proof that a man named Jesus and that a "God" does exist. I am just going to reinstate that we aren't stupid and we do follow the bible, but you haven't stated any good reasoning as to why the bible isn't truthful in anyway. You just stated that "People exaggerate". Do you have any proof of that? Is there any textual evidence of it being exaggerated? Also, it isn't told from their point of view. In fact it is in the 3rd person. On the other hand, there is proof and there are occurances that back up the bible.

Fri, May 9th, 2014 2:57am


Sorry to hear that you was loosing comments, I respect that you have your beliefs, the essay I wrote had to be a rant and very bias for its purpose, everyone can have there on beliefs that's fine, it's just when they try to convert people... But yeah please don't take offence it is how it had to be :)

Fri, May 9th, 2014 3:22am

Emma Brooks

No I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity! You were in no way offending me. I know it's your belief and it great that you want to share that! Thanks!! :)
~Hyuna :)

Fri, May 9th, 2014 10:42pm

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