crimson floors

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driving along a dusty australian road i black out andfind myself in undescribable pain in a place ive never seen before.

I love the Australian outback it is so peaceful during twilight. Gum and eucalyptus trees stretch for miles; the grass becomes a dark yellow, orange and brown. The sun sets in amazing pinks and bright reds over the hills in the distance.  The only sign of life is the kangaroos jumping to find a place to sleep or the birds beginning to nest for the night. I have no signal on my phone; there is no sign of civilisation for miles. I can’t help but to think of the horror movies I watched as a teenager, how could one man out of 22 000 000 people do such horrid things to a human being? I know I shouldn’t worry with such odds but there’s just that slight tingling at the back of my mind that leaves me thinking I do need to get off the road before dark.
 I cannot feel my body. My vision is gone. The wind blowing into what sounds like a rusty tin shack is deafening. From my mouth the most distinct taste of...blood. The slightest movement sends a sharp searing pain through my body. No scream would be loud enough to even suggest the pain I’m in right now, but I scream anyway.  
I love it when they scream no one to hear them but me and the creatures of the night, hiding in the long dry grass waiting for their prey. A king brown slithers up through the broken floor boards of the veranda. Looking for a way out of the cold desolate Australian nights, it makes its way towards me searching for the heat of the fire. So elegant in movement slithering across the rough floor, yet so deadly in action if need be. With a swift movement its head is in my hands. King Brown snake venom, a useful apparatus if used in the correct manner on my victim, a knife covered in the venom would create an infectious and deathly wound if not treated.
A creak comes from in front of me, I open my eyes, he stands there towering over me his shadow hovering on the red dirt covering the floor. He holds a needle in his right hand, a VB in the other; he increases upon me, caressing my neck. I flinch away. The barbed wire that is tangled around me digs into my skin as I struggle, I try to loosen it but it’s too tight, cutting into my skin deeper and deeper.  There is a split moment, the pain decreases, and then a blinding blow hits my neck.
I love the watching the effects of liquid Crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride when streaming through a girls veins. I’ve had some Entertaining experiences watching one suffer from the surprise of a drug hitting their system. After 10 minutes from the amount given, hallucinations will start, the most common are of bugs crawling under their skin. She twitches as I hold the stethoscope against her chest, her heart beating at a rapid speed, oh the sound of her heart pounding, like a silent scream trying to escape her body.
 Scratching and tearing at her flesh, the blood raining onto the floor, a puddle of deep wondrous liquid gleaming in the dark flickering shadows, such a powerful feeling to just sit and watch as they slowly destroy themselves
He’s so close I can feel his breath on my neck, my body filled with searing pain from the torn flesh, I’m not sure what happened, I can’t remember how the scars got so deep . His tangled hair brushes against me as he rubs his hands along my body, rough and covered in granules, burning through my skin, he pushes the salt deeper into the wounds. I do not scream I refuse; the tears swell in my eyes and fall down my face. The pain just grows and grows “SCREAM” he shouts “SCREAM SO I CAN FEEL IT.” I keep my mouth shut the tears streaming from my eyes.
 He leaves my presence, if only for a few minutes the agony slightly leaves as long as no movement is made, my body begins to go numb.
 The Holden ute rattles as it makes its way along the dirt road leaving a cloud of dust behind. The orange glow over the hills is like a candle glowing through the room before it melts the wax and dies. A sign barely decipherable in the dying light of the sun reads 50km Yalata. My neck snaps to the side and hits the car door, a splitting headache with blurry vision; I cannot depict what just happened. The car door opens and a damp cloth shoved over my mouth.
Chloroform, liquid ice and Venom are all such powerful liquids. The venom makes the knife shimmer in the dull glow of the fire nearby. Her body all mine. I slide the knife slowly over her wounds pushing the salt in further and the venom soaking into the salt. “Do you feel it? Your muscles are corroding, your blood clotting? Do you feel the venom moving through your veins making you weaker by the second?” still only whimpers. I WANT A SCREAM; I NEED A SCREAM TO SLIDE FROM THAT MOUTH LIKE IT DID BEFORE! A sudden burst hits me and the knife punctures through her right side. The blood flows into my hands; the warmth from her body caressing my dreary palms, the taste settles on my lips, I want more.  Flesh the largest organ, the most vital organ and the most delicious.
Agony, pain as if my body is splitting into two. His lips hovering over my torn flesh, his eyes are so fixed and deadly, slowly and hesitantly he leaves the room. Punctures throughout, salt and venom are within, searing through my body and tearing apart my muscle tissue. I Sit helpless in a shack with not another for miles. The knife lay across my lap, venom and blood slowly trickling into the open wounds along my thigh. A haunting chant drifts from the next room although I cannot make out what is being said. The knife is taunting me in the flickering light, glistening and shinning, mocking my now weak and fragile body. The pain indescribable; pounding through me, my side, my neck and my body. Unable to move, yet not tied up, willing the strength to my arms, to my legs. Stumbling towards the door, a shadow appears in the sputtering light.

Submitted: April 09, 2011

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