The Adventures of Roy Anderson

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Story about a detective named Roy Anderson and how he solves a murder case in one's better than it sounds please do read.

Submitted: November 16, 2006

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Submitted: November 16, 2006



The Adventures of Roy Anderson in the

“The Glasses Case” There was gossip everywhere; every inch of Tokyo University was filled with rumors about a murder. As much as I would have liked it to be a rumor, it wasn’t. There really had been a murder from the fifth floor of the girl’s dormitory, the murder of Katie Willows.


Hi, my name is Roy Anderson and this is my first case as a detective. I like to call this case, The Glasses Case. You’ll figure out why later.It all started the day when all I was doing was slacking away at my desk. I was the only one in the office left, because every other detective was either busy with a case or was just plain bored of being a detective, and had found a new job. Man I wish I was one of those people but me being me; I always stick to my goals no matter what. Oh my god that sounded so cheeky.


Anyways, back to my life.


As I was saying, I was just plain slacking away at my desk eating a delicious chocolate with sprinkles donut, with a cup of French vanilla. That’s what I did sit around till 8’o clock in the morning till 8’o clock in the evening.


“ANDERSON IN MY OFFICE NOW!” that got me by surprise, and me being a big klutz, dropped my precious French vanilla. Noooooooo! This is a disgrace to my poor French vanilla and I paid for it, $3.50 to be exact!


I swore under my breath as I stalked off to my wonderful; no wait correction, HORRIBLE Commissioner’s room.


Just before I made my grand entrance, even though it wouldn’t matter, just to look presentable I combed my hand through my brown hair, fixed my coat and cleared my throat, because believe it or not I stammer in front of Commissioner Gordon a lot. He’s just plain scary with his bushy eyebrows that hideous hair dew and those disgusting looking yellow teeth. I twitched/shivered with the thought of it, wonder what will happen if I actually look at him……on second thought I don’t want to think about it.


As I entered his office I could smell the smoke that was coming from the Commissioner’s cigar. It was like a spa in his office, except it smelled bad.  I coughed when I inhaled the smoke, and that also told the commissioner that I had entered.


“Anderson, I have a case for you…I wouldn’t normally give you a hard case like this one, but you are the only one that is available at the time, so here goes…” As the Commissioner explained the case, I just kept thinking about how lucky I was to get to do a case all by my self at last. It was my dream, but of course dreams don’t last very long and so did mine as it went crashing down as soon as the commissioner said, “…you are going to take Justine Malodor with you as your partner…he needs practice in this field so that he can be a successor in the future of crime busters.” My face went from with a smile to with a frown; thank god Commissioner Gordon couldn’t see my face but trust me my face was not looking pretty at that particular moment. I was pissed.


 “Um…Commissioner Gordon do you by any chance know where this Justine Malodor is?” I swear if the commissioner couldn’t figure out the hatred in my voice then I seriously need to get my acting straight.


“Ah…good question he is at the crime scene already, if I were you I would hurry before people start thinking he’s the main detective instead of you.” Oh yeah I needed acting skills alright.


As soon as I walked out of the smoky office, I rushed off to the parking lot for my lovely baby.


Oh sorry I mean Sonata, I love that car it’s my most prized possession, of course after French Vanilla but none the less.


As I reached the scene of the crime I was shocked to see students dressed in uniforms every where.


I parked my car in front of the boys dormitory because of the parking lot in front of the girls was where the murder took place.


Yes, it was a murder of a girl named Katie Willows, she was a second year at Tokyo University, and then it hit me all these students were from the university.As I was walking through the crowd only to find a girl lying on the floor with a young boy who was examining her wounds.


“Excuse me…Pardon me…” I kept saying as I went through the thick crowd of people.


I swear people need to lose weight, trust me there are people the size of tow trucks, no offense.


At last fresh air, I thought as came out of the crowd.


I walked up to the girl to see how much damage had come to her. Only to find her head wounded, and to think she survived a fall from so high. I looked at the mysterious boy that I saw looking at her wounds and asked “So what’s your name kid?”


“Hn…and to think you would know your own partners name…how pathetic.” Rude much! This guy was an absolute arrogant, just like those bullies in those TV shows.I didn’t want him to think he was superior to me so I had to act tough in front of him.


“Sorry it wasn’t that I didn’t know your name, it was just that your appearance looks like a school boy instead of a 23 year old man.” That ought a show him.


“Well sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately I am only 19 years old, but thanks for the complement.” He said as he walked of to talk to the police officers. Oh I ought to kill that boy…smarty pants. I was even more pissed off than before that was never good news trust me.


I followed Justin to talk to the police officers, as I looked around the campus. The first thing I saw was a truck parked right in front of the dormitory. That must have been why the girl didn’t die, the truck had actually cushioned her fall.


Then I noticed something that I missed before, it was lying beside the girl, glasses. They were shattered into pieces. Then my eyes landed back to the girl, Katie, I was wondering why the ambulance hadn’t arrived yet, hmmm…have to ask the inspector.


As I reached the inspector I noticed that he was talking to another student of the campus.


The boy looked kind of nervous for some reason, which got me suspicious enough to make him the first suspect.


I noticed that Justin had taken care of the police talk for me; I seriously hate those they are soooo boring. I was about to go interview the boy that I saw earlier only to see the ambulance arrive. I walked over to the ambulance and told them to be careful with the girl and that she had harmed her head. After that was all done, I headed for the boy.


“Howdy boys!” I cheerfully said hello.


“Oh hey Roy, this case is yours huh…at last you get off your butt and do some work.” The police officer joked.


“Yeah Ben joke all you want.” I replied sarcastically.


Ben just laughed, but went to his serious mood as soon as he stopped.


“Who’s this?” I asked as I motioned to the boy standing in front of us.


“Oh this…this is Troy Rutherford, son of the great pianist Eyes Rutherford, Troy

here says that he saw her falling and hitting the truck and then at last falling down on her head but he didn’t see anybody pushing her off the building or anybody running out of the building in time to get away.” Ben explained looking at his little notepad with all his information.


“Thanks Ben you-” I stopped in mid-sentence because of the blood on Troy’s index finger and also on his thumb, as if he went to pick up something sharp in a hurry and cut himself in the process.


Troy saw me looking at his hands and quickly drew it inside his left hand side pocket.


No matter what he said he was still my prime suspect.


As I was about to ask Troy some questions Justin came up behind me and said “I think you should look at this…” he handed me an ID card, I looked at him weirdly thinking what can I gain by looking at an ID card.


“Just look at it will you.” He said irritated with my confusion.


I shrugged my shoulders and looked to find Katie Willows picture on the ID card, but I still didn’t get the meaning of showing me the ID card…it had no proof of a murder right? Oh how wrong I was.


“You see the picture…” Justin said




“Well in this ID card she doesn’t have her glasses on, and so that means she didn’t wear her glasses very often and also to my information I got from her dorm mates, she only wore her glasses if she was reading something from afar.” Oh so that’s what he meant, why didn’t he say that in the first place, Shessh kids nowadays.


“So you mean she must have been seeing something from afar before falling to the ground?” I asked as I proved my perspective.


“Yeah basically…but before I forget I also found another interesting fact, she seemed to have some type of note in her hand, it said

I know everything about your past, and if you don’t want me to say a soul meet me at the 5th floor of your

dormitory at 7pm sharp or the words out.” Read Justin.


I went over all the clues over in my head:


First there were the glasses, second was the blood on Troy’s fingers and third was this note. I tried to reel everything together but there was still something missing, how the killer managed to escape. He/She could not just push her off somebody would have seen him/her. Even if they had done it they wouldn’t have had any place to go, because the only exit was the front entrance and people would have seen the murderer right away and the dormitory was empty when this happened.I looked up at the fifth floor and told Justin that I was going to look for clues up on the fifth floor. Justin nodded his head and went of to investigate more about the murder.


As I reached the fifth floor, I realized that the veranda was newly made so no wonder it was easy for her to fall of the fence because it wasn’t sturdy enough.As I looked down at the huge crowd, which was slowly disappearing it hit me. All the clues fit together now, I knew who the murderer was but all I needed was proof.


I ran down the stairs as fast as I could. I ran up to Justin just in time and told him to examine all the shattered pieces of the glasses.


“Ok… but it’ll take a little time.” Justin implied.


“I can wait…” I replied with a huge smile pasted on my face.


“Are you sure you’re ok?” Justin asked giving me the “look”


“Yeah I’m ok…NOW WILL YOU HURRY UP AND TELL ME!” I screamed back irritated.


After about 2 hours of wait every piece, large or small, of the glasses was examined and I was on a role.


After 15 minutes the person I ordered to come to the crime scene came over.


“Hello Troy.” I welcomed him.


“Hello” He replied non interested.


“Oh don’t look so gloomy it’s about to get exciting…” I said choosing my words carefully.


Troy looked up from the floor and into my eyes, I could clearly see he was nervous, so I got straight to business.


“Troy I understand Katie is a family relative of yours.” I read from Justin’s little notebook of info.


 “Yes she is…why are you asking me this?” Troy asked trying to look innocent.


“Well just for reference, you know maybe it might come in handy some day you never know nowadays do you?” I looked at Troy, to see of any sign of fear.


“I h-h-have-e t-to g-go” He was caught, he was stammering.


“Not so soon Troy, we still have to tell you who did the murder.” This made Troy freeze in his tracks. He slowly turned around and all that was written on his face was pure fear. Fear of being caught stealing something.


“Yes Troy we know it was you who murdered Katie Willows, you had a perfect plan and every perfect plan has a flaw and you left a big clue for us to find out who was the killer.” I explained


“What was it?” it looked like Justin was confused as well, so I went on to explain Troy’s whole plan.


“It all started with the note, Katie found the note that told her somebody new of her secrets and was about to reveal them, she was suspicious at first but curiosity is a very strong emotion so she went to the fifth floor veranda. As it struck 7pm on her watch she saw a figure standing right in front of the dormitory waving at her, but she was near sighted so she had to dig out those hideous glasses she hated to wear to see who it was, now this is were everything comes into place. How would you feel if somebody changed your prescription. That’s exactly what happened to Katie, everything was hazy and so she started to lose balance so she went to hold something close to her from the spinning to stop and the only thing that was close was the fence. Because the construction workers were working on that particular veranda the fence wasn’t sturdy enough to hold her weight and down she fell, and folks you know the rest.” I explained the whole plan without a moment of hesitation.


“How did you figure this all out?” Justin asked surprised.


“Well my first clue was the blood on the Troy’s fingers, and the second were the

glass pieces. Troy said he was the first one to notice her fall so he quickly rushed to her side tried to change the glass pieces with her usual prescription but he cut his fingers in the process and before he could change all of them people had started to arrive at the scene and he didn’t want anybody to see.” I explained once again.


“But I still have one question though…why did you do it?” I asked a little confused at that point.


Troy sighed and said “Well my dad and mom always said you should be more like Katie, look she’s so smart you should be more like her…I got mad at her for that. She always acted like a goodie two shoes in front of my parents and a real witch at school, so I wanted to punish her, that’s why I did it.”


“Remember Troy, the melody of logic always plays the notes of truth” I said as I sighed too, and shook my head and mumbled “Kids nowadays…” as the cops took Troy I headed for home sweet home. Not before telling Justine to buy me French Vanilla of course, I deserved that much I solved a whole case in one day, give me some slack!


Roy Anderson is out of here! Tim Horton’s here I come!  THE END

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