Happy New Year! Is It ?

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Is this new year really 'happy' or really 'new' ?

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



Happy New Year! Is It?

2013 went off to a flying start.A new sunrise. A new beginning. FM and TV channels celebrating the arrival. Fireworks decorating the otherwise dark, gloomy sky ; breaking the lonely silence. Happy New Year messages all around, from near and distant ones .Celebrations all around ! Positivity all around !  Its time to party !! 

A new optimism sprouting out of the graves of dead ones. A new belief of something good to happen.The times are changing ! A newer world outside ! ....Calling for a newer me. A better me ! So far So Good !

Next morning, newspaper carrying same old stories of physical and moral deaths. My horoscope reads-'Will have a good year but I will have to work hard '!  Not Bad ! Trains run surprisingly empty on account of New Year holidays. New Year gift from the railways I believe !  At college,we meet and  greet one and all (after all, a whole year has passed since we last met each other !) So far Not Bad !

Results are announced  for the previous exam. Humbling marks like before...  Day winds up. Same old, dark, gloomy night; with lonely silence. Next morning,the same old crowded trains. Same old inbox with only advertiser's messages. My same old  secluded behavior to ones around and the same old seclusion. Same old me. Same old world. The only visible change  is the calendar hanging refreshingly ! But still, there is a  hope that there are changes to come. A hope of 'Happy New Year'. So far So me. Not good, Not bad.So far So Normal  !

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