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Submitted: September 10, 2008

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Submitted: September 10, 2008



Under the veil of the night
Kindles a fire so bright
Senses are set afire
Bodies rocked by desire.

The shyness of her first kiss
Melts into the depths of bliss
Yields to passion's sweet allure
Alight eyes once so demure1.

Tongues engaged in frenzied dance
As eyes lock in searing glance
Shy hands fulfill their ache
Of longings newly awake.

Fingers roam with candor2
Succumb3 to strange ardor4
The feel of every caress
Ignites a hunger long suppressed.

Lips quench their raging thirst
Bodies drowned in heat immersed
Passion voiced in soft sighs
And simmers through hooded eyes.

Bodies coiled in sensuous dance
Limbs locked in intimate romance
Lips roam across every sinew5
Lust roars ablaze anew.

Bodies lost in the moment
Sway to a rhythm vibrant
Bodies slick with sweat
Give music to a new duet.

  1. Demure: adj -characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved.
  2. Candor: noun -openness, honesty, truthfulness.
  3. Succumb: verb -to give way to superior force; yield.
  4. Ardor: noun -great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion.
  5. Sinew: noun -muscle; area of muscle definition.

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