Full House (Short Story)

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Short story of my character Nybbas and his relationship. I was graded with an A at my Univ.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



Nybas was sitting on the ground with a slice of pizza besides him building a pyramid with a deck of playing cards. The back of the deck was an intense obsidian black color, not the common deck. Well this is how he spend most of his lunches. Sigh, he thought.  His friends chatted meaninglessly and occasionally they would ask for his opinion. They didn’t mind his abnormal behavior, they all grew up with him and when most needed they were all their for each other. A pyramid with 4 rows of cards he never made them smaller or larger, he slowly placed the final top card. He stared at his creation as he bit into his pizza. A curious yet deadly glaze as if he was looking at more than just a pyramid of cards, their was something there not visible to the unknowing bystander. He flicked the top triangle of cards and watched with delight as the weight of 3 cards distorted the foundation of the next row. The cards slowly fell flat and the pyramid was no more than playing cards scattered on the floor. He licked his lips and laughed to himself. Bit into his pizza once again with one hand and started collecting the cards with the other.
“Nybas, your therapist is approaching”, his friend Hunter joked.
He replied jokingly, “Don’t worry I’ll take you out next weekend if you are starting to get jealous.” They shared a laugh. He began to shuffle his cards as if nothing was said.Suddenly he felt two soft arms wrap around his neck. He didn’t bother to turn around. A sweet nectarine aroma filled his nostrils and instantly he knew who was behind him. The person hugging him was none other than his current girlfriend Carly. He said hey and she whispered something in his ear. He turned around to face her. She was delicate, petite, and optimistic. Her eyes changed depending on the mood and he enjoyed staring at them when she was thoughtful. It was as if staring at the ocean storming in rage and not a single thought navigated in his mind. Usually, they were light sky blue, mellow and inviting. She had long blonde hair the tips usually lighter like dry hay. She had on dark jeans and a white blouse with floral designs on it, she always dressed cheerful and this made him glad. She always sat in the front of the classroom and was the first to raise her hand. Carly was raised in a conservative household and was extremely faithful, at times he thought that was the only reason for her interest in him. Nybas was considered a rebel by others and had carelessly strolled on paths which may have condemned him. He at times wondered if she was on a mission to save him from what she considered eternal punishment. He usually dismissed his assumptions, that aspect of life played no importance to him and he would rather not pay any attention to it. Carly wrapped two arms around him and raised one leg in the air like a flamingo.
He watched as Carly walked away from him returning to her group of friends. He heard one of her friends say, “Both of you are so cute together. When will the relationship be public?” He payed little attention to her. Nybas sat back down and put two cards leaning against each other.
The minutes slowly crawled into the cocoon that is an hour and the day emerged as the evening night. Nybas was walking through the downtown plaza with his posse greeting everyone they knew. The usual; a little hint of nothing with a desire to encounter something out of the ordinary. A sheriff’s patrol vehicle strolled by, his friend Whisper handed him her backpack. Whisper was on probation, but he asked no questions as he walked with her backpack. They all stopped at Jamba Juice to quench their thirst, he ordered a pomegranate lemonade. As they received their drinks, they excused themselves and said good bye to each other. Whisper asked if she could pick up her backpack tomorrow. She was an hour out past her mandated curfew and didn’t want to be involved in any more legal issues. “Sure,” he said. He walked to his girlfriends house, it was on the way to his, and he wanted to spend some time with her. No one at his house really cared what time he came home. It is not that they didn’t care about him but his parents had become accustomed to his behavior much like his friends. They always left his dinner in the microwave should he arrive hungry. He always did.
Nybas was a stranger to knocking on doors as he usually walked in to people’s homes. This was normal for him and his friends. As for his girlfriend it was different. Her parents were strict yet awkwardly friendly. He had only known her for two months and had been over for dinner twice. Surprisingly the amount of questions he had been asked was lower than what he had assumed. He did not recite her family’s dinner prayer but felt grateful as he held her hand and the hand of her father.
Nybas walked up the steps slowly reaching the door. He rang the doorbell, and waited for a response. Carly’s mother came to the door and let him in. She told him that Carly was in her room. Her tone had a dry feeling to it. He walked upstairs and let himself in without knocking. Carly was sitting on her bed her faced covered by her knees as she held herself. He sat next to her and brushed her hair with his hand. She finally noticed he was in her room and looked at him. Her blue eyes were glossy, pale and cold. It was as if a tsunami wave was rising out of the ocean. He asked her to accompany him to the movies or get ice cream.
She denied. She said, “I am not in the mood, don’t you care about me. Look at me.”
He studied her and asked if she would like to watch a dvd instead. She did not reply. He wasn’t sure what to do. He was horrible when it came to dealing with emotional issues of others. His counselor said he had a weak level of empathy. He told her, “I don’t know what is going on. But, I feel like you should get out of this environment and distract your mind with something pleasant.”
She replied, “It is always about you, don’t you think of others. Your pitiful. I’ve been trying to save you but I have realized I will not let you drag me down with you. I know it is a choice you have made and taken pride in.”
He said nothing and let the silence slowly creep into the room for a couple minutes. Enough time for her to cool down he thought. He approached her and said, “I forgive you, I know you did not mean that.”
She yelled, “Forgive me? Like if I need your forgiveness. Get out, you don’t have any problems in your life so you don’t understand anyone. Get out of my house now!”
He stood up and walked down the stairs. As he was leaving he was stopped by her mother. She said, “Carly had a difficult encounter with her father today. I apologize if she took it out on you.” He thanked her and said goodbye.
He sat on his dinner table enjoying his reheated dinner. He truly had cared for her but the monster she became in her despair had not only consumed her but the relationship they shared. Carly’s true intentions had come to the surface. He had really cared for her.
The next day in school he was sitting at his desk counting down the minutes until lunch. 20 minutes left, he decided to leave early. None of his teachers were ever bothered by this, his grades were never low. As he walked to his usual spot he felt a shadow of tension trailing near him. A group of 4 kids who had an ongoing rivalry with most of his friends were standing right in front of him. They shared insults with each other until the leader of the rival group stepped up. The leader offered to fight him in the back of the campus. “Not happening,” Nybas said, “Lets just settle it right here.”
They stared at each other, waiting to tear each other’s throats out. With complete disregard to the authorities they measured each other out. It didn't bother Nybas much either, finally a non dull moment in his day. Was he ever glad he left early today. He shoved the leader and laughed as he sent him back a couple feet. They locked eyes. Nybas’s eyes shimmered full of joy and eagerness.
Carly had left class early as well and was unknowingly behind Nybas. She ran in between the confrontation and held Nybas. Nybas was surprised and immediately broke away from her hold. He was shocked to find out it was Carly. It had only been one day and he could no longer sense her sweet aroma which had once filled his nostrils with delight. The leader and his cronies turned around and left with a taunting remark. We will see each other another day, you can count on that.
She let go of him and said, “Can you forgive me?”
Nybas said nothing as he sat down. He began to shuffle his deck of cards.
“You do face challenges in your life but you keep them to yourself. Your problems never affect me, unlike mine which may have damaged you. I made a mistake,” She continued to plead.
He was on the 2nd row.
Her words began to stutter and her voice barely escaped her mouth “Thank you for saving me. Last night I became a person I swore countless of times I would have never become when being with you. I hope one day you make amends, but until than I respect and support your decision. I care about you.”
Nybas stared at Carly’s eyes for a short brief moment. They were glossy and broken. He wanted to reach out and wipe the tears from her eyes. He couldn’t, his body was semi paralyzed being weighed down by his guilt. The tears running across her cheek, distorting her make up had been created by him. Those were the last words she said to him. She walked away.
He had once again reached the final step of the pyramid building process. He placed the last two cards leaning against each other and sat their watching it. Nybas flicked the top card off and they all slowly hit the floor. A smirk grew on his face as he watch this happen. When the last card fell face down he giggled. His friend Whisper picked up a card and showed it to him. It was the 4 of hearts.
She said to him, “Nybas, Why do you continue to build bridges if your just going to end up burning them down?”. She handed him the card and he smiled saying nothing. Whisper turned around as Hunter called to her.
“If only I knew.” Nybas quietly gasped. He shuffled his deck of cards.

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