Sleep Paralysis: Battle II

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A trip within my own sleep.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



I lay my head upon my pillow case,
I wake to find myself trapped within 6
crystal, see through walls,
top, bottom, north, south, west and east.
Gaze down, to see
another me, paralyzed in sleep.

A shadow cloaked figure appears before my eyes.
approaches cautiously,
removes the hood to reveal,
it is myself standing in front of me.
Whispers, “Society has not accepted us,
love we seek, alas, we find emptiness to add to our deceit”.
who are you? who are you?

Black aura covers my skin, it slowly mends into a sword,
my enemy does the same, his comes in white color,
I lance my attack to find I cannot land a single hit.
Gravity stops to exist, laying on the ceiling, yelling
that I wake, the sleeping me starts to blink.

who are we? who are we?
a quiet whisper
sings to me.

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