Wings of Black Flames

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poetry with an animal reflection.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



3 squads of 6 crows take to the clouds
36 wings, 36 eyes, 36 legs, 1 me.
A Crows’ call, is it luck or misery?

One look at you, face saved in my memory
one look at me you can’t tell me apart
whether alone or with my family.
avoiding bullets our extinction
hunted, open season, no limit
No reservoir, wildlife programs no one’s trying to save us.

We roam, fly, wander as we watch the world revolve,
once white as a dove, till we spoke on forbidden love,
Apollo’s  flames made us dark, his lover kissed a mortal.
Death lurks, catch us by her side
We are not crows, the crows are us.

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