Why Write?

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Why I write :)

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



At the beginning of this year, my creative writing club director, Mrs. Brown, challenged the club to discover why we write

I struggled to describe the way writing has become an important part of my life because

the reason was so innate that my brain could not identify something that it was born to do. A few of the first drafts included such silliness as “I write because I need an excuse to constantly carry a pen,” and “I write because I can kill characters off when I get upset.” But while those reasons are true, they are not the most significant.

For those of us that continuously delve into our imaginations and pull out the ideas that run rampant there, writing is a way of life. Words twist and morph into beings that are as much a part of us as our hands are, they create worlds where we can escape. Without an imagination, a writer is as lost as a captain without a ship.

Many believe that anyone can be a writer. Yes, everyone can write, but not everyone can weave words that create a world so intricate and intense that a reader can escape within the words and never leave. Not everyone can move someone with their words, or change a reader’s life with the power of their voice.

Similar to many things in life, writing takes practice. It is not an easy way of life; writers block is an ever present enemy waiting to spring as soon as a complex and wonderful idea presents itself in the wilds of the writer’s imagination. Writing is an art, complex and yet simple at the same time.

Writing is like breathing; a writer cannot live without writing as much as a human cannot live without breathing. It is a passion that takes over and pours out in every direction, a companion that drags the writer forward one moment while trying to drown them in the sheer chaos of words the next.

But without the writer, the words are empty, useless. They sit in the space between imagination and paper, lonely and unused. A writer is a ruler of these words. They bend them to their will, sculpting the words into something beautiful. A writer is a creator, a painter of the imagination. They consume knowledge, read constantly, talk to themselves, and always carry a pen to jot down the ideas that shove their way to the front of the imaginary line.

This is why I write. I write because one day, someone will read this and be inspired. They will realize that they are not crazy or alone in their lifestyle. Words are the knowledge of the earth and if someone can take enjoyment from the art I created, then my job is done.

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