Night Of My Life

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A short story about a night in my life that changed my life. This event makes me who i am today.

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



The sun raise beaming high above us but we don’t care as we continue to run over each other in the soft grass of Puerto Rico. My friends and i were called towards the table where my cake stood in a world of sweetness. I hear the words pour out everyone’s mouth, the celebrating words of my birth. CLICK ! The yellow and pink wax just burning in front of me waiting for me to blow the fire away. My mind starts to race as i stand and everyone tells me I am finally not considered a child no more. Forks scraping against plates and more bottle caps falling. By this time the sun was tired and gone leaving a light breeze behind but my friends and I are still jumping and playing.

Fun starts to fade away, people start to fade as well. I just look and can now see my driveway i hear another bottle cap fall and i turn and see my father looking like he has two lazy eyes. My feet slowly moves towards the lawn couch were my best friend is. I lay there as she moves her long finger through my thick strands of hair. My eyes closed I know i’m tired but i don’t want this day to ever end right now as i look up at the clear dark blue sky searching for the big dipper. Dimelo ! My best friend says she has a short conversation on the small nokia that we both had. She says Maria my mom wants me home now . Muah! the rican way to say bye a kiss on the cheek then a bye hug and she was gone my last guest of the night disappered around the corner.

My body is so tired but i turn and see the disaster of toys, popped balloons and trash everywhere as if a tornato hit only my house. Now dragging my feet towards any piece of object I see on the ground. BURP ! The sound startled me I turn quickly. POP ! Another bottle cap falling to the floor. At the doorway my father just stands watching me. We glance at each other and I continue cleaning up the after affect from the party. In my mind I keep thinking to myself how creepy it is for my father to be watching my every move. I just want him to STOP looking at me already, it’s not like he is helping me or saying anything he just keeps gulping his drinks back to back. Ugh, time to move the lawn chair back to where it was.

BOOM BANG ! The sudden sound brung a fear in me i felt stuck for seconds. I look and notice that the lawn chair that i was intending to move back to it’s orignal place was now broken and about four feet away from me. Confusion ran through my mind now WHY? Was the lawn chair thrown but my dad stands in the place where the lawn chair once was with this blank stare torwards my way. I’m scared and not sure what exactly is going through this man with the blank stare is thinking or even what’s going through his mind. My first idea was to find my stepmother so she could try to put this two hundred and ten man standing at five ten tall to sleep.

I walk pass my dad and towards the door. SQUEK ! The door opens slowly as soon as it opens at a eighty degree it’s black with a small amount of light shining through. I feel my way to the couch. BINGO ! She is not going to be much of help, because it seems to be that the sheeps put her to sleep. SQUEK ! My father stares just looks at me, my heart is definitly pounding through my chest. He comes closer to me raises the hand that he holds his prize possession and says “ I will crack this bottle upside your head “. I just stand there then he says “ You remind me so much of your mom “. SHATTER ! He drops the bottle and walks away, I turn towards my room not looking back to even see if my drunk father is ok. I reach my bed and lay there and cry myself to sleep just wondering would he had really have done that to me!

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Night Of My Life

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