A Heart's Desire

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A heart that is fill.

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



A Heart's Desire


The heart desires eternity,

More than the comprehension of knowledge.

Beyond Love that it can hold,

The heart is jealous as well as zealous,

More than a person can know.


What we feel is deceptive,

Our minds more so,

Influenced by liars and Lovers;

Who will we choose to believe?

Do we believe those with good intentions,

Or are we swept up and away by what they do not know?


A heart's desire is to be filled,

For the heart was made for eternity.

This mortal flesh,

These mortal bones,

Yearn and ache for more.

But to get, we have to give,

And to those that have they will be given more.


In us is a God shaped void;

That cannot be filled by money drugs or alcahol.

Although many have tried,

They feel the down after the high.

But the Love that we need,

Goes beyond what we can give,

Or ever recieve.


Our heart's desire eternity.

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