Acrostic Poetry

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Here are a few acrostic poems I wrote in Creative Writing Class.

Submitted: February 21, 2010

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Submitted: February 21, 2010



Hades' mouth is

Open, with a wrathful

Pain and darkness, but their is a light.

Eyes of men can see it, and gain strength from it.


Lovely roses,

Oustanding chocolates,

Valentine hearts,

Everything to share with someone special.


Champions arise from Outstanding quests that

Urge them to conquer a

Ratteling fear. Those who

Arise with bravery

Give others hope and

Encourage them to succeed.


Important it is to be yourself and

Not someone else.

Do not

Idolize another so much that you

Value their values only and allow yourself to be

Ingulfed and


Until you become

Another them.

Live as yourself.

Imagine new worlds

To explore and

Yearn to be different.


Regard those that are

Examples in your life. They are

Special to you and can

Provide knowledge that is

Essantial in life.

Cherish them and do not

Throw them away.


I thougth independence was free long ago,

Now, I understand.

Death has been spilt on

Every letter in the word F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

Presious blood that aloows us to

Enjoy a life with

No fear of being

Deprived of

Envied rigths.

Not one of us are free from guilt for taking this for granted, so it is

Crucial to think about

Every life that was sacrificed for our Freedom, or they die in vain.

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