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Finding a feather.

Submitted: April 04, 2018

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Submitted: April 04, 2018





There is a feather in my Bible,

It marks a certain page,

From time to time,

I turn there and read it again.


It is not about the feather,

Which still has a particular smell,

That never seems to go away.

But it reminds me of worse days.


Things were falling apart,

I was not sure what to believe.

My faith was wearing thin

And I was getting tired of the wait.


Waiting for God to show,

In the mess that I was in.

My heart was falling apart,

But actually, it was being knit together.


Hidden Hands were carrying my burdens,

Unseen Fingers were healing my scars

And Love was crafting His work in my Life.

Making my mess into a masterpiece.


I still look at that feather and I remember the day.

The day that I surrendered

And stopped fighting for my own way.

How a simple feather changed my mind to think another way.


There were things I lost,

Many things I have gained.

Yet somehow the work of Love,

Has changed my Life

And I can never and never will be the same.

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