Lie to me society,

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Part two of the poem done with Old pup.

Submitted: January 09, 2009

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Submitted: January 09, 2009



Will they ever know?
What we do for them?
Just so they can be comfortable,
In this "reality",
They've created for themselves?
But why should we,
Why do we have to make the sacrifice?
Why must we stay chained?
The sacrifice of freedom,
The helplessness,
The bias,
The loss of self worth,
The feeling of lack,
The hate,
The agony,
Why aren't we free?
Why can't I run?
Why can't I chase?
Can't I play?
Always it's sit,
No fun,
No fair,
Why don't they care?
A riot, See,
They think they all know,
They think it's a show,
The pedigree ones,
They have all the fun,
The mutts in the show,
They'll never know,
What it's like,
To have that freedom,
To not behave,
To be less like a slave,
Programed to follow orders,
And for what?
A treat?
Lil' pat on th head?
"Everything's gonna be alright"?
"Just do as I say",
"And be like the rest",
But I'm not like the rest,
We're nothing like they are,
We've tasted the proverbial fruit,
We know the difference,
Whats right,
Whats wrong,
But they rather stay blind,
And repress us,
Suppress us,
We don't exist,
Lock us,
Mock us,
We are what is.
Just 'cause we are,
We have to be undone,
They lock us up they make it no fun,
They hate what we are they think that we're do,
Because what they are is societies cud.
We must stay true to ourselves,
We know who we are,
We must raise above their ignorance.
Remember our place in the food chain,
their society grows sick and weak,
Ours will prevail for we are the meek.

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