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Falling in Love.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018





I wanted you to know,

That I Love you more than you can comprehend.

If my Love were an ocean it would circle around the globe.

But even though I risk my all, I still don't know if you Love me at all.


These words I can say easily,

As I have surrendered all my pain.

Though at times I wonder,

If it is your scars that I face all the time?


My hands are tired,

For I have been reaching out to you.

Though you give me no clear signs,

Still I Love you, this my heart cannot deny.


Loving you is painful,

For on my side I risk all the time.

Searching for courage,

Even when I feel blind.


Always I find you,

Risking my heart everytime.

Yet you are silent,

Never saying yes, nor do you decline.



Still I risk for you,

Risking heart and soul,

Sanity and mind.


I put it all on the line for you,

Finding my courage.

Then to have you decline.


Does it break my heart?

I am not sure anymore.

But still I am willing to risk,

I will risk until I am Loved.


For Love is what I need,

Love that is hard fought for.

But in the end,

It is a Love that will be worth the Risk and the Fight.

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