Shining Eyes

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Finding the light in the darkness.

Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



Shining Eyes


When did she lose the spark in her eyes?

How did it happen that they stopped shining brightly.

I remember what I said,

But what do I say now?


I did not mean to break her spirit,

Yet I feel that anything more I could say,

Would just make things worse.

These words do not build easy,

But it is time for me, to swallow my pride.


My heart beats within my chest,

I say words I know I mean;

"I Love you, I choose you and I am sorry for being mean."

Minutes that feel like hours pass.

Yet I know the damage is done.


This will cost me to Love her right.

I am the ghost in the house at night.

Often prayers go to heaven,

But I do not feel peace.


I wake up early to pick her flowers,

To get her coffee or tea.

I try to let her know I Love her whenever I can,

The words come out right,

But somehow my faraway words betrayed her heart.


A few mornings later I wake to find her gone.

She tells me she needs time in the letter she has left for me.

I give her a day to be,

Then I track her down.

I Love her and though I mess up,

My heart will give all it can to make her happy.


I hear her laughter first,

As I round the corner my heart sinks.

For there she is with another man.

My faithful heart breaks and shatters.

She looks up unafraid and unapologetic.


The shine is back in her eyes,

As she plants a kiss on the lips of a man I do not know.

I turn away for I know she has made her choice.

My feet lead me to my car,

Soon I am back at the house she had made a home.


Weeks run by,

Every day is difficult... and yet the same.

The call comes through on the landline.

She is in hospital.

And soon I am out the door and on my way,

There I am waiting by her bedside as she opens her shining eyes.


Love is difficult at the best of times.

But I made my choice to be faithful until the end.

She may hate me,

But I have Hope, that maybe she might Love me.

That my patience may bear fruit.

I realise that it was not just words but a thousand unsaid actions.


So I wait again and again,

Hoping that one day...

She would choose me, instead of her other different Loves.

I remember my words and the vows I made,

And though I fail, I will always try to win her heart.

I remain faithful and I choose to die every day.


A few weeks later she passed away.

I found her diary and the words that she wrote every day.

How she Loved me, 

Where she did her best to spare my grief.

How I had done nothing wrong,

But How I had Loved her in every possible way.

Love had changed her but brokennness still remained.


She was cruel even in her kindest ways.

My heart sinks within me,

For I know that Love exists.

Perhaps someday I will Love and find another friend.

But I wonder at how I will Love in a different way?

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