The Englishman

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Other than a cup of tea.

Submitted: March 04, 2019

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Submitted: March 04, 2019



The Englishman


At a table he sits,

Watching the seconds tick by.

Sipping a cup of tea,

From a porcelain cup.


Dressed to impress,

In a simple black suit and tie.

He adjusts his glasses,

In a way to better his sight.


Slowly his fingers turn the page,

Of the book that is open before him.

Another glance at his pocket watch,

The second hand often a second tick behind.


Is it Shakespeare that he reads,

Perhaps Dickens.

The cobbled streets,

An outdoor cafe.


Bells ring in the distance.

A handkerchief peeks out,

Of his left breast jacket pocket.

And a simple poppy peeps from a button hole

As it clings to his blazer.


Grey hair and blue eyes,

Shined shoes

And tired lies.

For nothing is ever as it seems.


A teapot beneath a cosy.

Stands upon a tray.

An extra cup

With an accompanying plate of biscuits.


Old buildings all around.

Clear weather for the day.

Women dressed in fine fashion,

All with secrets, none willing to tell.


An Englishman sits and watches,

Unaware, that Love is a few seats away.

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