What I've learned 2013

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Just going through life

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




Things I have learned

-I want to be able to know things, but the more I see and learn, the more uncertain I am about anything

-Everything I do is for love, isn’t that the point?  Or is the point of life to just simply exist....like a sloth.

-Friends will teach you more about yourself than you ever will.

-Lovers will change the way you think, to the point where you might not recognize yourself, but it won’t be bad, it’ll be a relief

-Absence of a lover will drive you mildly crazy until you don’t feel like yourself, you simply feel lost in a world of ppl who don’t know how you hurt, why you hurt and what you long for the most in this world.

-This hurt will slowly die away, and you start to embrace loneliness and the way it was “before” anxiously awaiting someone who will make you feel “not like yourself” anymore, waiting for that person who will give you a vacation from “yourself” and your mind.

-but poco a poco, you realize that this type of person only comes along maybe once or twice in a lifetime and that it’s best to embrace it when you have it, but not long for it when you don’t, and when you don’t have it, you need to learn how to be happy with yourself and not long for that vacation away from your own head.  Cuz when it all comes down to it, your head is all you have and if you spend time in it building these false fairytale castles of how it would have been, how it should have been you are just making false romantic projections that no one will ever penetrate, nor would they want to.

-I have also learned that french onion soup is just onion soup in France.

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What I've learned 2013

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